Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tantalising Tuesday #48





Hello Everyone and welcome to Tantalising Tuesday. Each week a group of authors choose an individual photograph and write about it using 200 words. Below is mine, enjoy!:




                                                            Image courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

He could barely see her through the frosted glass and the thin layer of condensation beginning to form drips around her, but Daniel knew she was aware of his presence. The way she bucked and wriggled her way underneath the powerful jets of water told Daniel she sensed him watching. Tara adored being watched, she lived to tease, she would only be happy when the beads of sweat on Daniel's forehead matched those on the frosted shower door. After the rain dance came the bubbles, frothy cushions that caressed her ample breasts and foamed between her legs before making their way down Tara's silken thighs to pool on the tiles beneath. Daniel's groan was audible, his right hand pulled at the button and tugged down the zip of his too tight jeans. "Don't stop." he sighed fumbling then finding the source of his ache. Tara turned, pressing her breasts against the glass, the water now cascading behind her, bouncing off her luscious curves as she spread her legs wider to receive the welcome jets. With his left hand Daniel touched the glass, his fingers spread out as Tara’s mirrored them on the other side. Now, it was Daniel's turn to cascade.


Mm, thank you for stopping by, 200 words and I was only just getting in to my stride (or should that be Daniels!). Do stop by the other blogs today and see how we authors like to tantalise you!:

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  1. I'm sure Daniel will give as good as he got. Wonderful descriptions Gemma, great teaser!