Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday Tasters #15

 Hi and welcome to this week's taster. Each week a group of authors, including myself, will share with you a sample from one of our stories. last week I started sharing an excerpt from 'Between The Pages' a story from my anthology 'Fevered Kisses'. I'm continuing from where I left off, enjoy!:

John was hesitant at first and I wasn’t sure he would do what I asked. We chose a table set apart from everyone else and where the tablecloth was long enough to hide him. We waited until we’d ordered our meal then he slipped to the floor. His hands lifted my skirt and played with my stocking tops. He was a little rushed and I was disappointed that he lowered his head so quickly to brush his lips against my naked sex…
My eyes grew wide and I glanced nervously around the carriage. Everyone had their heads stuck into newspapers not paying any attention to me at all. I felt a flush of excitement as I read on.
His tongue was flat but he used it well, lapping quickly across my folds applying just enough pressure for me to sit straighter in my chair. With a prod of expertise he found my hardened nub and worked it quickly up and down. The waiter brought our drinks and I froze but he didn’t notice John thank goodness. When he had left I reached beneath the table and pulled John’s head closer to me. I pushed against his mouth as much as I could without losing my posture. The thrill of being surrounded by upper class diners and doing something so very decadent pushed me over the edge and I tensed, then shuddered my release against John’s eager tongue. ***
Three asterix! I shifted in my seat feeling flushed with excitement. I turned the notebook to the front cover in search of a name or something, who was this woman? But the cover was blank, revealing no clue to its contents. With a further 10 minutes of travelling time to go I read the next entry.
David came recommended to me from the agency…
Ah! So that was it!
…I was told he was game for anything so I pushed him as far as I could. I met him in Regents Park by the huge lake. I had given him strict instructions what to wear and he didn’t disappoint. His baggy shorts and loose shirt were exactly right for what I had in mind.
You know, there is something about reading sexy stories in public. You always feel as though everyone knows what you’re up to. I took another quick look around the carriage at the bored faces and then continued.

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  1. It's exactly one of those moments when everybody should be reading your mind. I wonder if reading will be enough or if she will go look for the agency.

  2. Very saucy indeed. It is wonderful to have you back. xo

  3. It seems extra naughty reading someone else's diary.