Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tantalising Tuesday #49


  Hello Everyone and welcome to Tantalising Tuesday. Each week a group of authors choose an individual photograph and write about it using approx 200 words. Below is mine, enjoy!:




  It was a dangerous combination. Red, rich wine, soft white towels and naked skin so very close. Anya knew she was never going to be able to resist Daniel - should she even try? The wooden bench of the sauna held their combined weight as they struggled to inch as close as possible leaving no gap between them. A heartbeat ago they were just chatting but the heat, the sensuality of soft skin so near, had brought them together like magnets to iron filings.

"Should we?" Daniel whispered, his breath warm and damp as his lips brushed against her skin.
"No..." Anya murmured, "Not here, we can't."
"Please," he urged, "No-one's around, just sit...here."
Daniel lifted the towel to reveal his desire, drawing a pleasurable moan from Anya. It was no use fighting, the urge was too strong. They had waited all week for a chance to be alone together. With a glance toward the sauna door that was bordering on blasé, Anya climbed onto Daniel’s lap. Together they searched feverishly for the contact they needed, both crying out as Daniel entered her.

 Picture courtesy of:  imagerymajestic at http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

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