Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thursday Tasters #14

 Hi and welcome to this week's taster. Each week a group of authors, including myself, will share with you a sample from one of our stories. last week I chose 'Pleasing Mia'. This week I will be sharing an excerpt from 'Between The Pages' a story from my anthology 'Fevered Kisses'. I start right at the beginning, enjoy!:

Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought about what Sean had said. It was the usual cliché about living your life because you only have one, you know the sort of thing. But cliché or not it worked, it was just enough to make me go through with it otherwise I probably wouldn’t have. Everything changed from that point on. I suddenly started thinking of myself as a sexual being, someone who needed sex as much as anyone else. Oh, I know I’m attractive, I’ve seen guys look at me everywhere I go. But that was them. Somehow I felt aloof, immune, wrapped in my own life of so called normality. Until that one day in London when I missed my train.

It was raining, it was always raining. Huge drops of water pelted me from a dark grey sky and I ran for cover along with everyone else on the street outside the station. There was a café by a bus terminal and I headed for it, taking my seat at a somewhat grubby table still littered with the previous occupant’s soiled crockery. I had an hour to kill before my next train and I wasn’t about to wander around outside in this downpour. I contemplated going up to the counter and ordering coffee but there was a bit of a queue and I didn’t want to give up my seat. I thought I would just wait until everyone was seated then go up. Not that I really wanted coffee, it was dawdling over the last one that made me miss my train in the first place.

It was then that I noticed it; a small notebook had been left on the table partly obscured by used serviettes. I reached across and with a quick glance around, peeked inside. Scribbled in green biro were the names of several men. Philip was one I think and there was definitely a Steven. Next to the names were comments and small asterix. I looked around me making absolute sure that no-one was watching or coming back to reclaim it. When I was quite satisfied I started to read. The comments all seemed to be of a sexual nature saying things like, ‘Likes it rough’ or ‘Oral only’ I felt my mouth drop open as shock hit me and quickly shut the book. But when I stood to order my coffee I slipped it into my handbag, I’m not really sure why.

I was safely on the train before I looked at it again, peering at it furtively and partly covering it with my hands. The comments were short and to the point, all of them intimate. I flicked through to the back of the book where several of the men had been fortunate enough to be given whole paragraphs on their performances. I started to read:
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  1. How could you not read?! What a find!

  2. That's an interesting discovery. I wonder who that note book belongs too and who those men are.