Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thursday Taster #13

Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster. A group of authors get together each Thursday and share excerpts from their books or works in progress. This week I am going to share another excerpt from 'Pleasing Mia' enjoy!:

Scott has called round to Mia's house to ask her out:

“Ok, I’ll just get my fleece.” she replied before reaching behind the door presumably to collect it from a coat stand. Shouting goodbye to her sister, Mia joined Scott on the dull pavement which was still damp from earlier rainfall. Slipping her hand into his, she smiled. Scott grinned back feeling a new sense of optimism in his heart.
The afternoon passed by in a blur of happiness as they strolled hand in hand through the bright indoor shopping precinct just like any other loved up couple, laughing out loud at anything even remotely funny. Mia could be very sweet and undeniably feminine when the mood took her. People stared at her, at them, Scott couldn’t be prouder.
They took a seat on a marble bench in between the two rows of shops and ate sandwiches they’d bought from the deli. Tomato dribbled onto Scott’s chin and Mia wiped it away with her finger, laughing at his incompetence. Her eyes were wide with excitement and happiness and Scott basked in her warmth.
The precinct was as busy as you would expect it to be on Saturday afternoon. Teenagers strolled around in untidy groups. Tired looking mothers pushed ungrateful toddlers in strollers with awkward, uncooperative wheels. Other couples walked hand in hand, some of them were smiling happily and stopping for little kisses, so obviously in love; whilst others looked serious as if they’d been arguing or felt resentment at having to spend time with one another.
 The smell of hot donuts drifted out from a colourful and very busy mobile cart filling the air around them. A stray helium balloon was making its way towards the artificial lighting fixtures on the curved ceiling leaving an unhappy child wailing out his loss beneath it.
“Come back to my apartment.” Scott suggested.


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  1. I love how casual they are with each other. No pretenses.

  2. Your descriptions of the setting are highly visible and distinct. I feel like I'm sitting right next to them. I love the atmosphere you have created and wondering if she will go to Scott's place.

  3. It's nice to see Scott so confident. I hope it'll last.