Me On Create Space

For some time now l have been publishing my work in eBook format to distribute among the many eBook retailers including Amazon Kindle. Although this works really well I was intrigued by Amazons ‘Create Space’ format. It looked like a wonderful idea and something that l really wanted to be a part of.
Deciding what to publish was a little more difficult. It occurred to me that my writing has changed a little over the last few books. The very first books l wrote in this genre seemed to have more of a raw sexual edge than the later ones, which are possibly more erotic in content. I thought it would be quite a good idea to collect a few of the earlier ones together and publish them as an anthology. Although these stories have been available in eBook form for several months they have not been available to purchase in print. Putting them altogether like this seemed a natural progression.
All these particular stories are written in the first person. This isn’t unusual for me and l still write many of my stories this way. I find that, as an author, writing in the first person helps me to really feel what my characters are feeling, or to at least imagine and describe situations in, hopefully, a more realistic way. I can empathise with them and even become them for a while, often describing sensations l imagine l am feeling!
The stories are seven in all and are very different from each other. They are short and sexually explicit, definitely aimed at the adult population. So no under 18’s please.
If you are easily offended, or looking to read something romantic, l don’t think the stories I’ve collected here will appeal to you. Maybe my next anthology will be more to your taste!
But, if you are looking to read short, sexy tales of voyeurism, bondage, multiple partners, call girls, lesbian sex, sudden sex and games with sex toys, well, l think you’ll enjoy yourself here!  
So what was the main difference between writing this book and writing my usual eBooks? Well, apart from the obvious end result, there was something very satisfying about creating the whole thing from start to finish.
Using the template provided by Amazon, proved to be relatively simple. It allowed me to piece everything together myself, including the table of contents and the dedication section. There are separate pages for these and the author biography, all clearly laid out with pre-written headings. All you do is fill in the gaps!
 I would imagine this to be a particularly helpful tool for first time writers as everything is already done, giving a clear insight into how it all comes together at the publishers to some extent and making it easier for you to visualize the end result.
The finished product was exactly as l hoped it would be. A super glossy cover of professional standards and a beautifully presented, printed book. I was delighted with the quality of it. The service was also quick and efficient, in keeping with Amazons formidable reputation as a major distributor.
 I really could not be happier with the end result and l would definitely recommend giving this innovative idea a try.
Just remember before you read, you have been warned!