Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spooky Tales For Halloween

Who doesn't enjoy a spooky story around this time of year? Whether it be vampires and shape shifters or mysterious goings on in the dark of the night, Halloween is the perfect backdrop for a scary tale. Throw in a touch of Erotica and you are sure to be entertained!

I have written four spooky stories that have all been placed in different anthologies. Over the next two days I would like to share them with you.... The first Halloween story I wrote was for Naughty Nights Press. A short story called 'Cassandra' that I was delighted to have included in this fabulous anthology 'A Wicked and Wanton all Hallows Eve':


The taxi pulled up outside Simon’s house. It was surreal, we joined the throng of sexy witches and horny devils who all seemed to arrive at precisely the same time as us. Everywhere you looked there was a sea of black, green and red. There were other pussycats inside, but they were witches cats, all in black with elaborate whiskers and fluffy long tails. I made my way to the kitchen and helped myself to a glass of wine, leaving Scott talking to a very uncomfortable looking Frankenstein in the hallway. I went through into the lounge where many people were dancing. I hardly knew anyone. These were Scott’s friends. I recognized one or two behind their disguises but l could tell no-one had a clue who l was.
I started to dance, easing my way in to join the monsters already strutting their stuff to the strains of Gaga. I was lost in the music, wiggling and shaking. Three songs later l was still there, circling my hips and shaking my blonde mane. I felt a smooth stroke across my butt and turned, expecting to see Scott. It was another pussycat.
“Meow.” She said.
“Meow to you too.” I grinned.
“That’s a very unusual costume,” she continued, “A red and black pussycat?”
“Pussies come in all colours.” I breezed, the pulsating beat vibrating through my body. We faced each other and gyrated in time to the music almost, in unison. I breathed her in, a powerful scent l didn't recognize. Her eyes bore through me, a piercing green. Her cat suit was a smooth black leotard worn with fishnets, her tail held upwards by wire. Whiskers had been drawn onto her cute face. Her jet black hair cascaded over her shoulders and flew outwards as she danced. She was shorter than me, pert round breasts straining against the soft velour of her costume. When she spun around, arms thrown outwards in the heat of the dance, l got a better view of that cute, round ass.
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Next came a spooky story with a castle as its backdrop. Written as a Yellow Silk Dreams anthology 'Scarlet' was part of 'Behind Stone Walls':

A juggler arrived on the stage. He was a strange little man with very sharp features, wearing a court jester’s hat. He began dropping his clubs deliberately and everyone was laughing at him. Katy reached out her hand to the man on her left brushing briefly against his arm without averting her eyes from the scene. The laughter grew and echoed around the stone walls, Katy could hear her own laughter almost as a separate entity coming from somewhere above her head. The jester came closer and seemed to focus intently on Katy’s face. He seemed familiar to her somehow, like a distant relative. She tried to remember where she had seen him before and concentrated on his face. The room began to go numb around her as she saw herself reflected in the jesters twinkling eyes. Once again Katy imagined herself walking through the spring trees with the man she loved holding onto her arm.

They stopped to view a small gathering of birds pecking hungrily at the ground. The birdsong filled the air all around them high up in the trees and all across the grand lawn. Suddenly her suitor turned her towards him and kissed her softly on her waiting lips. She gasped as she felt his tenderness turn to urgency as she began to slowly respond. She parted her lips to allow his tongue to enter gently between them feeling it nestle against her own, softly stroking along the sides. The powerful sense of passion began surging through her veins and she trembled…

Back in the Castle and still watching the juggler Katy shivered, she hugged her chest and waited once again for her mind to settle. The juggling jester was staring directly at her, his hat of bells dancing. It was as if he could read her mind, as if he knew… Almost angrily Katy stood and left the room.
In the rest room Katy splashed her face with cold water trying to calm her nerves. What was wrong with her? It had to be the wine, she shouldn't drink so much, it was something her friends had always been concerned about and this was precisely why. Katy took a deep breath and turned around to check her reflection in the full length mirror before heading for the door. Wow, she loved this dress! How could it make her waist so tiny and her breasts so voluptuous? She knew she looked stunning. Peering closer she thought there was definitely something different about her face. Stepping backwards she covered her mouth with her hands.
It was her eyes! They were different somehow. Leaning closer to the mirror she studied them hard. There was no doubt about it her reflected eyes were brown, but how could that be? Katy’s eyes were blue weren’t they? It must be the light she told herself. Don’t be so ridiculous, nobody’s eyes changed colour, maybe they had always been brown?
Her head began to swim and her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Just at that moment Ellie entered the bathroom.
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Join me tomorrow for two more spooky tales from the pen of Gemma Parkes...

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