Friday, 18 October 2013

Flash Fiction Friday#80

Hello Everyone and welcome to this week's Flash Fiction Friday! 100 words, a group of authors and only one picture to describe however we please!
Here's mine, enjoy:


Sally loved the Saturday's when she was the only one in the office. Bizarre as it seemed she could work for an hour or so then really let herself go. It was the only place that Sally could get any peace to strip off, lounge around, read her erotic books and imagine... 
So what if she got a little carried away? She was young, she was hot and she loved to hide away with her indulgent secrets.
Ah yes, who would have thought the prim secretary with the horn rimmed glasses and sensible shoes could be so carefree?


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  1. Her hidden personality might be discovered abruptly someday. Good interpretation for the photo. I liked to do that in higg school on Sunday's when I worked alone in the stacks upstairs. lol

  2. Oh, what a secret fantasy!! Whenever I did that as a young woman, there was usually a young man with me. Her dreams will be fulfilled one day, I am sure of it! Such a clever take on this photo. Loved it:) xo

  3. Great flash. You never know what erotic fantasies lie in the heads of 'sensible' looking people

  4. Welcome back homegirl! Holy shit, I forgot how much I miss your work! Okay, back to the Flash. This is a piece I enjoyed. The crazy part is why does it have to be so short, when you're dying to read more of the work? I'm rambling, but I want to comment what a great flash you've wrote.

  5. Great flash Gemma. A little hint of the kink with her stripping down at work no less. very bold and brave of her.

  6. Oh, how deliciously naughty of her. Love it!

  7. I wonder how many secreteries have thought the same things as Sally. Very naughty flash

  8. ohhh so naughty and, playful I love it!! I wonder though if Sally has a watcher, surely someone would have caught on by now if she has done it this long. :) Awesome flash!

  9. Love it. There's story here, Gemma. I want to know more about this girl and what happens when she gets caught. ;)