Saturday, 26 October 2013

Saturday's AfterDark Moments

Hello and welcome to this week's AfterDark Moments. 

This week I am sharing an excerpt from one of the earliest books I wrote called
'Don't Move', enjoy: 

...He gently stroked my tummy, tender for a brief moment. I felt his smooth hands calming me. The hands l loved so much. David always knew exactly how to touch my skin and draw the response he needed from me.
“Shh.” he whispered, softly kissing my neck.
I felt another cube of ice, this time pressed against my pussy lips, I gasped as he held it there melting rapidly against the heat of my throbbing clit. The water streamed down between my legs to mingle with my expectant juices. Almost as soon as it had melted he took another cube and placed it inside me; I gasped as the coldness froze my inner passage and whimpered as his tongue began to lap up the ensuing mixture, flicking its rough surface against my clit as it did so. He teased me for a few more moments until the last of the ice had yielded to my body heat, using long leisurely tongue strokes from under me all the way to my navel. His tongue circled and lapped at the moisture, relaxing me and making me tense both at the same time. I wanted to grind against him but l also didn’t want to break the spell, my body was frozen in pleasure, responding without moving as his tongue continued to tease me with soothing, exquisite strokes. My mind focused on the pleasure he was giving me and l relaxed into it, listening to my heart beat and feeling my orgasm building, building…
David slowed his pleasure and then raised his head. Without speaking he untied me and sat me up, I went to hold him.
“No,” he pushed my arms gently away, “I told you, don’t move.”
Everything was silent again apart from my labored breathing and the gentle buzzing of the nipple clamps. It felt surreal, l was lost in pleasure, dazed and aching for release. He buried his hands deep into my hair, taking fistfuls and gently tugging. I felt my scalp tingle as the many nerve ends there responded to his caress. The pleasure that came from his touch was almost overwhelming. I groaned as he held my hair in a one handed pony tail stroking his fingers around my mildly vibrating breast with the other. I felt his cock teasing around my mouth and pushed out my tongue eager to taste the liquid at its tip. He slid himself along its rough surface slowly back and forth lifting the roof of my mouth with two fingers to stop me clamping down to suck him. He still held my hair firmly in his other hand and gradually he started to thrust himself deeper into my mouth. I gagged as he hit the back of my throat and he removed his fingers to allow deeper penetration...


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  1. Damn Gemma! That was masturbation material! Wow, what an AfterDark Moment, and congrats on your release; another book to buy!

  2. I gasped and wanted to read more of excellently written descriptions from the beginning to the end. Your erotic Moment scorched my computer screen.