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New Release from Pablo Michaels

A M/M Gay Paranormal Romance

Blood Sweat & Black Leather
Pablo Michaels

Damien Lieberman has moved back to his parent’s house after they were killed in an automobile accident. A rare typhoon is poised to strike the San Francisco Bay Area on All Hallow’s Eve. Damien wants to return to the city to rekindle his relationship with David Wilder after breaking their vow of monogamy, but Damien has lost his job. After continuous rejections from David, Damien seeks love with a new man, futilely, while gay men are dying from a new disease, AIDS. 

While Damien observes the approaching storm from the terrace of the house, dwelling on his past failures and current woes, a man, from Damien’s past, balances magically on the railing of the fence and jumps to the deck next to Damien. He recognizes this stranger as a man he pursued, while David was building a new relationship with another man. It was Gabriel. Overwhelmed with his youthful beauty and strength for a man equal in age to himself, Damien fails to notice – Gabriel Tivoli’s paranormal powers. Damien has not only lost his youthful physical appearance but he has lost optimism and his "Peter Pan" personality, something Gabriel loved when they first met.

Gabriel promises to restore Damien’s youth, beauty and love eternally, if he promises to love him in return. When Gabriel asks Damien to meet him in the nearby cemetery at midnight on Halloween, Damien sees Gabriel as his new chance at love. But will the aging gay man attempt to restore his relationship with David? Or will he have faith in Gabriel Tivoli? Will he discover the meaning of the living dead? Will he abuse his paranormal powers and be sentenced to death by the elders? 

Released 1.5.2015


A gust of wind slapped Damien awake from his
wandering thoughts. Jolted from his memory, he became
abruptly aware of a tall, dark, masculine figure strolling on
the top railing of the garden fence, illuminated by a beam
of moonlight. Balancing like a dancer, he gracefully walked
toward Damien, his face hidden in the shadows. The
unknown person crept closer to the deck, leaping from the
fence and over the banister to stand next to him. Dressed
in a black leather vest and pants, he stood tall and mighty. .
His face was concealed by a dark mask.
“Who are you?” Damien gasped in fear.
“You don’t recognize me?” he answered, his deep, soft
voice enticing. “You lusted for me several years ago. I told
you I wanted an older man. I let you go.”
“How did you walk on the fence like that?”
“It’s all a matter of balance.”
“Why don’t you drop your mask?” Damien’s teeth
chattered slightly. “I don’t remember you or your voice.”
A plume of fog surrounded the man momentarily and
then dissipated with the wind. Slowly, he removed the
mask, revealing a young, pasty white, clean shaven face
with bloodshot, piercing, green eyes glowing like emerald
gemstones, and long, jet black hair, combed back and
shimmering in the fading moonlight. The finely sculpted
chest and arms complimented his rippled stomach Blood, Sweat and Black Leather
muscles, all glistening beneath the open vest. It was a man
from Damien’s past.
“Is that you, Gabriel?” He couldn’t recall his last name.
“How do you appear out of nowhere and do those
amazing stunts, like walking on top of the fence?”
“Yes,” he admitted his identity but ignored the last
“But why are you here now? You cut me off and
disappeared. You told me you wanted an older man.”
Although Damien’s robe was tied shut, he could feel his
dick bounce, stiffening at the sight of Gabriel. He clasped
his hands together in front of his crotch, attempting to
conceal his erection.
“I see you’re still attracted to me. It’s a long story; I will
tell you later. Tell me, are you still trying to live the life of
Peter Pan?”
Damien tried to better conceal his arousal.
“Please don’t hide your goods. I like the looks of your
erection.” The moon shed more light from a passing cloud.
Gabriel masked his face again.
Damien untied the belt to his robe, the wind blowing
the front open again. His hard-on became more
prominent. “I feel old. I can’t get back in shape like I used
to be able to. I want to look younger. I’m losing my hair.
Even getting gray hairs on my chest. I don’t understand it.
I go to the gym. But look at me. I can’t stand to look at
myself in the mirror. I’ve failed with every guy since you
rejected me. But there’s something different about you.
How did you walk on top of the fence? And you nearly
flew from there to the deck. How did you do that?”
“You were in love with someone else. Do you
remember the first day we met?” 

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Author Bio:
Although in his 60's, Pablo has the energy of a 35 year old man. Writing is a major part of Pablo's life.

Pablo went to many colleges and had 10 majors until he graduated with a Bachelors Degree. He furthered his studies in city colleges and state universities, emphasizing fiction writing and landscape design. Pablo lives with his husband of sixteen years on a country street in the middle of the urban metropolis, the San Francisco Bay Area. For twenty years Pablo worked and played in San Francisco, furthering the development for culture and diversity. In the 1980's he wrote stories and poetry constantly while he worked two jobs. In the early 2000's Pablo began drifting away the mainstream and into a perspective of gay subculture, inspired from his own experiences and the writing of his peers. Pablo continues to write today and has published three books.

Favorite Books
Catcher in the Rye, The Odyssey, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, Bent, The Fifth of July, The Stranger, The Thin

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