Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year! How was it for you?

 How was it for you? 2014? Yeah, me too. I took the highs with the lows, made a few changes and got on with it. I didn't write as much as the previous year and that was a shame, but other work commitments grew enormously and left me with little time.

I have several stories hanging around which need my attention if they are going to work. I made some new friends and, though I didn't lose any, I noticed that one or two of them (in this business) can't be trusted.


Then again there are always those who support you and give their time without hesitation.

I wrote 'Fevered Kisses' which was worth the effort! I enjoy writing anthologies based on a theme, they are so much fun to write and we all like variety don't we?

I went to two Smuts, one in Scarborough and one in Manchester. these were great and I met some amazing people. If you've never been to a Smut event you really should try it this year. 

This year I need to give myself time to be creative again - I miss it.

 So whatever you decide to do with your year remember to be kind to yourself, share your time freely but leave some just for you. Return favours and offer them too, my blog is always open to those who would like to promote (just drop me a pm or an email). Thank you for your company and support throughout 2014, I really appreciate it!
Be happy, live and love with a  passion!  



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