Sunday, 29 September 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #36

Hi Everyone and welcome to this week's eight sentences. I am continuing the story of 'A Private Dance' from 'Dancing for the Boys'. I have skipped a couple of paragraphs:

My Eight:

The following Saturday was a special night at the club. Tanya had two nights off before it and went looking for something exotic to wear. Competition was stiff; many of the girls were practically naked as they slid up and down their poles vying for the most attention and, of course, the greatest tips. You could never let your guard down or you could lose your place to a more popular dancer. Tanya preferred the more athletic approach but knew she couldn't afford to become complacent. And so she found herself browsing through some very bright and very daring leotard type costumes in an exotic dance emporium. It was fun trying them on; the emphasis seemed to be on colour as much as practicality. Tanya tried a neon pink asymmetrical monokini with matching thigh high boots and strutted up and down the changing room loving the way she looked. 


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Dancing for the Boys:

The idea of dancing privately for a group of young men appeals to college student Andrea Yates. After all, what could happen in a darkened room with a thudding beat and twelve hungry men? When Andrea dons the pink basque she discovers a bravado she never knew she possessed. How far will she go to get her kicks?

A Private Dance:

Tanya lives to twist and turn around a sleek pole in a gentlemen’s club. When she is observed night after night by a man who sits alone she is intrigued by his cool demeanour and finds herself thinking about him in the heat of the night. James, the gentleman in question, has a proposition for Tanya. Will her curiosity and her deep lust for the man affect her performance? 

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  1. Like the peek into her thoughts and private life.

  2. Quite the mental picture, all that pink! but she's obviously having fun - terrific snippet as always!

  3. Love a heroine that enjoys how she looks and struts it! Well done, Gemma.

  4. Love that you showed the pressure she's under and the descriptions of her outfit. Engaging 8!

  5. Love that you showed the pressure she's under and the descriptions of her outfit. Engaging 8!

  6. I love this premise and the fact that she takes her dancing so seriously. Her competitive streak is showing, and I think the boys will find that sexy. :)

  7. I love this. She really knows what to do and how to keep her place. :)

  8. There's more to pole dancing than just hanging on. LOL Great 8.

  9. She is taking this very seriously.