Sunday, 15 September 2013

Silent Auction - Tribute and opportunity to bid for great books

There is a silent auction taking place from today for one month only in respect of Shane Willis photographer and book cover designer for Naughty Nights Press. You will be able to bid for bundles of books from several authors who have donated their work to raise money for a really good cause. I have donated three of my titles, 'Pleasing Mia,' A Wicked Game' and 'Dancing for the Boys'. I really hope you will stop by and take a look at the many titles on offer:

Please join the Silent Auction, in Honor of Shane Willis, Photographer and Design Artist for Naughty Nights Press
On the 31st of August, Shane Willis, owner and photographic visionary of RadAct Photo and book cover artist for Naughty Nights Press(NNP), passed away at the young age of 43.
Shane was a huge inspiration for a lot of people.
Gina Kincade, CEO of Naughty Nights Press, its authors and friends have put together a Silent Auction of eBooks and Print books.
This auction is to raise money for Shane's family in honor of the great friend, co-worker, and big-hearted man that he was. 
We will miss you, Master Shane Willis!
 Direct donations are also welcome and can be made through the auction site.

This just in…we now have two (2) auctions going. To see what we have on the second auction please go here.

Thanks to the following people for their amazing support.

Click the graphic below to make your bid

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