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A Journey of books Blogfest 2013

Hi and welcome to this year's Blogfest! From today until September 29th at 11:59pm EST you will be able to visit blogs and have many opportunities to win prizes!

How does it work?

Simply visit as many of the participating blogs taking part by hopping from one to the other. If you leave comments you may be in with a chance to win whatever is on offer at each of them. Each blog has its own individual giveaway and own set of rules.

Grand Giveaway

Hop over to the tracking site at Every blog you visit and mark off will give you one entry into the Grand Giveaway. Please check out the six links below and see what's on offer for you!:

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My prize is a copy of 'A Wicked game' or 'Pleasing Mia' your choice. The prize will go to a comment chosen at random. Please don't forget to include a contact so i can let you know if you win!

Excerpt 'Pleasing Mia'

Another restless night made him late for work the next day. Countless phone calls needed his attention, Scott tried to get on with the day as best he could but his mood was fragile, everything and everybody irritated him. People started to snap back when he wasn’t giving them what they wanted so finally he closed his office door feigning a severe headache, and asked his colleagues to just give him some space. Thankfully they had the grace to realise he meant it and left him alone. He was then able to work methodically through his inbox dealing with only essential business whilst willing the day to pass by as quickly as possible so that he could get the hell out of there.
At 5pm he emerged, mumbled an apology to anyone within hearing distance then walked straight out of the tall sleek building with its billion glass windows.
 It was a mild evening, quite pleasant really, so Scott decided to take a long walk through the busy town. He really couldn’t face going home just yet. He needed to clear his head, unwind a little. Besides, there was nothing and no-one waiting at home for him. Funny how a few short weeks could change you, he mused. He’d always loved the freedom of living alone. He was a more than able cook and he enjoyed taking care of himself, answering to no-one.
As he walked along the busy streets his thoughts went back to the argument with Mia, he had to let it go, he knew that. There wasn’t anything he could do about her many problems, he smiled as he registered that fact. They were Mia’s problems, not his. He just wanted to love her, while she… sadness crept into his mind again and he tried desperately to shrug it off by increasing the speed of his walking.

Crossing the road Scott entered a small park, it was really just two swings and a slide but it made a welcome patch of green amongst the concrete buildings. Sitting down on a small bench he gathered his thoughts. He could either try his damndest to forget Mia and get on with his life, or he could go to her home and try to convince her to give him another chance. He knew that he had done absolutely nothing wrong, but he also knew that to be with Mia he would have to make allowances for that. His head told him what you might expect but his heart? Oh, his heart, and most probably his cock, said that he was not prepared to let her go just yet. He had to try at least once again to talk to her. Purposefully he stood up and this time he strode confidently back to his apartment. A decision had been reached, he felt so much better already.

Excerpt 'A Wicked Game':
Peter sat down in the large leather swivel chair and stared blankly at his office door. As if he could will it to go back in time and lock itself against the embarrassing intrusion.
“I will sort this,” he said, “Damn girl shouldn’t be up this end of college in the first place, and she should have knocked.”
Ten minutes later after sending Amy back to her own office, Peter had gathered his thoughts. He knew he needed to act quickly before the story was spread throughout the entire campus. He made his way down to the main reception where he spoke carefully to the college secretary,
“Will you find out where Lucinda White is right now, and tell her to make her way to my office please?” he said as pleasantly as he could, before adding “Immediately.” In a tone that left no-one in any uncertainty about his smouldering agitation. Then he headed back there himself to wait.
When Lucinda knocked quietly on the door just a few minutes later Peter was ready for her. He’d paced the room in an attempt to clear his mind and calm his nerves. It wouldn’t do to show fear.
He was pleased to find the girl quite contrite when he opened the door, her eyes were downcast and her posture slightly nervous.
“Ah Lucinda,” he spoke almost paternally, “Do come in and take a seat.” He gestured to the smaller of the two office chairs and watched as she sat herself down, demurely straightening her skirt and raising her eyes momentarily as if trying to gage his anger towards her.
Peter took the seat opposite her and rested his palms on his knees as he spoke very clearly and carefully.
“Now Lucinda, we seem to have got ourselves into an uncomfortable situation don’t we?”
“Yes sir.” Lucinda replied, her voice barely audible.
“Perhaps you can explain first and foremost why you felt the need to disturb me in my office during my lunch hour? And then you can explain to me why you didn’t knock before entering.”
Lucinda paused, looking upwards into his face beneath curly eyelashes; she painted a perfect picture of beauty and innocence.
“I came to ask you to sign an absence form sir, l have an interview next week,” she said, “l didn’t knock because…” she looked away biting her bottom lip.
“Why Lucinda,” he prompted, “Why didn’t you knock?”
“I don’t know sir; l heard noises and l suppose l was curious.”
This threw Peter Caine momentarily and he glanced away briefly, the girl could hear them? Who else could hear them? He cleared his throat.
“Curious? About what Lucinda?” he tried.
“I knew that Amy, l mean Miss. Price was in here with you,” she gazed steadily at him as she spoke, “And l could hear strange noises.”
“Could you indeed, well that really does not give you the right to come marching into my office to spy on me and my…well, whoever else might be in here.”
“No sir, sorry sir, like l said l was curious.”

Please note both of these stories are sexually explicit and intended for adult reading only.

Good Luck!


  1. Oooh, these both look great!! I think A Wicked Game *just* barely edges out Pleasing Mia for which I'd like to read first, but I definitely need to check them both out!

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