Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #105


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm sharing eight from 'Dancing for the Boys' enjoy!:                                           

Tanya blushed as she became acutely aware of the towel wrapped around her and the damp curls framing her make up free face.
“I didn’t realise you would be…getting changed.” he purred scanning her swiftly up and down. “I am sorry; would you meet me in the small bar when you are ready?”
Tanya had an urge to pull him inside, she wanted him to push past her and lock the door. Silently, she nodded meekly and watched as he walked away. She reapplied make up and brushed her hair as quickly as she could. Then she donned the simple dress she had arrived in and headed nervously down to the small bar.

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Who doesn’t love to dance? Who doesn’t love to tease the men watching, willing them to notice and lust after your body? What would you do if you were given the chance to perform before a group of appreciative gentlemen for a large amount of money? The latest release from the pen of Gemma Parkes combines two stories of exotic dancing and what it means to two women when they truly perform.

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  1. I love how this snippet makes getting dressed and primped feel like putting on battle armor. Nice job, Gemma!

  2. I can imagine her nervousness in this situation.

  3. There's a genteel feeling about the man. You've fleshed out a difficult moment and brought it to life. Wonderful.

  4. Great scene. The nakedness she felt was obvious.

  5. She might have welcomed something else, but I like that he retreated in this situation. It makes me like him a lot more:)

  6. Great tension between the two! Her defenses are down a bit . . . there is something special about this man. Great job Gemma!

  7. Fun snippet. I'm with Eleri, I'm glad he didn't take advantage. And the anticipation builds...

  8. He certainly seems like a gentleman so far - this is going to be a very interesting conversation, I have no doubt. Great snippet!

  9. I agree with Eleri--and Veronica. He's got potential ;-) Good 8, Gemma! :-)