Thursday, 5 March 2015

Being Anna - New release from Anna Sky

 I am pleased to introduce...

Not just dungeons and brooding billionaires... 

When Anna met Stephen, she didn't realise quite how her life was going to change. She'd vowed that after a failed marriage she was going to find a man who could fulfil all her needs; out of the bedroom and inside it. One night, after taking a deep breath and wishing she'd had a stiff drink, she told Stephen what she wanted. They never looked back... 

This is the diary of the first couple of months of exploring a D/s relationship in the bedroom, from Stephen's hesitancy at what he was doing to Anna's issues at letting go of control. It wasn't without its other problems too; Anna has chronic fatigue syndrome and the couple needed to find ways of expressing their roles without it damaging her health. 

This is a real life story of dominance and submission from a now-married couple in their thirties; if you're curious about BDSM and kink, buy now! 

Warning: This book contains strong language and sexual content.

​Naughty Shorts is out now! Find out more at

​Or want to find out where I get my inspiration from? Have a look at "Being Anna, A BDSM Diary' - a candid and intimate look at one couple's's not all dungeons and brooding Billionaires!​

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  1. This sounds like just the sort of thing I have been trying to research. Glad to meet you Anna. :)