Monday, 27 October 2014

Enchanted- a Yellow Silk Dreams anthology

Looking out from the windscreen of my car on the drive home tonight I noticed swirls of dancing autumn leaves scurrying across the road in front of me. A flash of amber and chestnut bounced towards the payment reminding me of a story I wrote for inclusion in 'Enchanted' a Yellow Silk Dreams anthology. My story 'Patrick's Pendant' is a spooky tale of lust amongst the damp autumnal leaves in a local park:

Do you believe in magically ever after?
Enchanted is the second, long awaited anthology of erotic stories from Yellow Silk. Four of the best writers of modern erotic fiction have created a different story of the magical enchantment of love and passion. Excellent story telling, guaranteed to stimulate not just the mind. This anthology is strictly for romantic adults.

Katie pushed the undergrowth back with her boots. Bending down she picked up a large twig and began using it to poke at the fronds and pine needles on the spinney floor.
Something glistened under a small shrub and she reached forward to pick it up. It was a silver chain with a pendant attached, soiled from the damp leaves and muddied. She turned it over in her palm. There was an inscription in the centre.
 Katie traced the name, rubbing away the mud with a careful finger.
A sharp gust of wind caught her neck and she turned suddenly. On the floor around her feet the leaves swirled and danced reminding her of the previous night’s events.
Katie looked around carefully then traced the name again.
Feeling suddenly light headed Katie closed her eyes, and leaned against the nearest tree for support. She held the coin tentatively between thumb and forefinger.
Her head continued spinning and a soft humming sound began in her ears. It wasn’t unpleasant; instead she found it soothing, almost melodic, and her body felt light and free of tension. Katie found thoughts flowed from her mind leaving her tranquil and contented.
She could see him!
A young man with sandy blonde hair and the brightest of blue eyes appeared in her minds eye. He was dressed casually in faded jeans and an old grey T shirt.
 He was wearing the chain!
His smile was broad and he stared intently at her.
Katie jolted suddenly and opened her eyes dropping the chain to the ground. She blushed, though there was no-one to see her. Inexplicably she sat underneath the tree on the carpet of leaves, some of which continued their dancing circle around her.
Leaning forward she picked up the chain once more and felt its determined pull on her mind as she stared hard at the delicate etching on one side and the smooth silver on the other. It grew warm to her touch and the chain seemed to sparkle as it snaked between her fingers. Her ears pulsated with the thump of her heightened heart beat and her mouth grew dry.

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