Friday, 31 October 2014

Count Down to Halloween 3

Trick or treat? I was hoping you'd say treat, I don't know any tricks (unless you include the one with my tongue when I curl it up...) anyway moving on...! I have written may Halloween stories for various anthologies. Today I am going to share one that I wrote last year for 'The House of Erotica' called the 'Witching Hour'. My story is called 'Hidden From View:


 It was impossible to make out anything other than dark clothing on the short ride there so Sophie leaned into Liam just happy to be going somewhere special.
Liam paid the cab driver when they arrived and they started walking up the driveway which was lit up with ghoulish lanterns of red and green. Paper pumpkins hung from a small apple tree not far from the front door. The house looked dark as they approached and fake cobwebs hung across the doorframe. When Sophie rang the doorbell a howling wolf could be heard from inside and the red outline of a skull lit up in the front window.
Camilla opened the door wearing a black furry cat suit, her figure accentuated by the tight fabric. Whiskers had been carefully drawn onto her face and she wore furry ears on top of her head.
“Hi!” she beamed, “Come on in!”
As Sophie and Liam followed Camilla through the hall they could see that no expense had been spared in capturing the spirit of the occasion. Liam ducked to avoid the many ‘cobwebs’ and plastic spiders which hung from every available protrusion.
“Can I take your coats?” Camilla asked reaching out towards Liam.
With a wink Liam untied the belt on his raincoat and revealed his costume. Sophie ran an approving eye over the handsome image standing before her.  Liam was wearing black trousers with a high buttoned waist and a tailored jacket of black and grey checks. A deep cut front smoothed around to coat tails behind. Around his neck was a strange neck tie that shot out comically on both sides. At first Sophie wasn’t sure who or what he was supposed to be; it was only the production of a pair of white gloves and a round white skull which Liam now placed over his handsome head that made her cry in delight.
“Jack Skellington!” she beamed, “Liam you look amazing!”
Liam smiled out at her through the large black holes of the skull.
“Your turn.” he reminded.
Sophie removed her raincoat causing Liam to grunt in pleasure. She handed the coat to a bemused Camilla and stood before Liam enjoying his awestruck silence. The black net dress clung to her subtle curves, stopping just short of indecent. Beneath the dress Sophie had fastened two black stars to her nipples and one large one to the front of a barely-visible G string.
“Wow Sophie.” Liam managed taking a step towards her.
Sophie laughed trailing a finger down the front of Liam’s jacket before following Camilla into the hub of the party.
The room was alive with eerie bodies chatting, laughing and dancing to carefully selected tracks. Helping herself to blood red punch from a pumpkin head Sophie observed the many witches, ghouls and Dracula’s dotted around the room. A tall man dressed in a blood stained boiler suit stood with an axe protruding through his head chatting to a vixen in red and black. The ambiance was dark and decadent, deliciously daring. Liam was soon by Sophie’s side touching her body through the net.

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