Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Count down to Halloween - dressing up

Who doesn't like dressing up into something slinky or sexy for their man? Halloween is the perfect time to do this, with a choice of so many sexy outfits on the market there's bound to be one that reflects your personality. For me it's got to be a pussy cat, I've often thought that I must have been a cat in a previous life, I am very sensual, love to be stroked and pampered and not a great fan of anything too energetic unless it brings me pleasure ;) I stretch my long legs and curl up frequently in warm places. I am graceful and alert (any sign of disturbance and I'm off) It's true that I favour the gentle side of life and the attention of others, but if I am not appreciated I can take care of myself...purr.
Some like to dress as witches or vampires, dressing to bring out a naughty, wicked side of themselves, some are ghouls, ghosts or the grim reaper! Halloween is such great fun! For my fellow pussycats I have found the purrfect outfit. Wear with care and watch out for those werewolves!:

                                                                   Kitty Kat Costume

I wrote a spooky Halloween story all about a naughty pussycat for the anthology 'A Wicked and Wanton All Hallows Eve' for Naughty Night's Press it was a short story called 'Cassandra' Check it out below:

The taxi pulled up outside Simon’s house. It was surreal, we joined the throng of sexy witches and horny devils who all seemed to arrive at precisely the same time as us. Everywhere you looked there was a sea of black, green and red. There were other pussycats inside, but they were witches cats, all in black with elaborate whiskers and fluffy long tails. I made my way to the kitchen and helped myself to a glass of wine, leaving Scott talking to a very uncomfortable looking Frankenstein in the hallway. I went through into the lounge where many people were dancing. I hardly knew anyone. These were Scott’s friends. I recognized one or two behind their disguises but l could tell no-one had a clue who l was.
I started to dance, easing my way in to join the monsters already strutting their stuff to the strains of Gaga. I was lost in the music, wiggling and shaking. Three songs later l was still there, circling my hips and shaking my blonde mane. I felt a smooth stroke across my butt and turned, expecting to see Scott. It was another pussycat.
“Meow.” She said.
“Meow to you too.” I grinned.
“That’s a very unusual costume,” she continued, “A red and black pussycat?”
“Pussies come in all colours.” I breezed, the pulsating beat vibrating through my body. We faced each other and gyrated in time to the music almost, in unison. I breathed her in, a powerful scent l didn't recognize. Her eyes bore through me, a piercing green. Her cat suit was a smooth black leotard worn with fishnets, her tail held upwards by wire. Whiskers had been drawn onto her cute face. Her jet black hair cascaded over her shoulders and flew outwards as she danced. She was shorter than me, pert round breasts straining against the soft velour of her costume. When she spun around, arms thrown outwards in the heat of the dance, l got a better view of that cute, round ass.
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