Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentine BlisseKiss!

                         VALENTINE BLISSEKISS

where would we be without Valentine's day? Or maybe everyday should be filled with loving thoughts and actions? How sweet would that be? Of course romance is not everyone's favourite pastime, but I think we all need a little extra special attention from time to time.
This year I am taking part in the Valentine BlisseKiss. Between now and 15th February many authors are posting a kissing excerpt from their books for you to enjoy! There is also the chance to win some excellent prizes! To find out more please visit the link:

Valentine BlisseKiss

Love picture courtesy of: 

"Love Letter" by digitalart

Here is my excerpt taken from 'Ice and Spice' my anthology inclusion for The House of Erotica's Winter Warmers Collection:

Craig stared at Abbie, watching as the Popsicle slipped deep into her mouth only to be pulled back out held fast between her plump lips. There was the familiar slurp before if was sucked back in again. His cock stirred.
“You’re driving me crazy with that thing, don’t you know that?” he tried. Abbie turned towards him pulling the Popsicle out of her mouth. With slow determination and a knowing smile, she moved towards Craig, dropping to her knees on the floor between his. She held the Popsicle between her gleaming teeth as she tugged at the slouchy jogging bottoms Craig was wearing, pulling them down to his knees with a few sharp tugs. Craig hadn’t bothered replacing his boxers after his shower so now his cock uncurled and stood flat against his stomach as Abbie watched approvingly.
With a long, slow suck on the Popsicle to gather the frozen flavour, Abbie lowered her head and guided Craig inside her mouth enjoying his gasp as the cold spice coating her tongue hit his most sensitive area.
“Shit.” he hissed leaning forward until he was able to push a little deeper.
Abbie released him to suck again on the lolly, completely coating the inside of her mouth before capturing Craig’s cock and holding it fast between her tongue and the roof of her cold mouth. Craig cried out as the bite of the spice and the thrill of the ice caused confusing yet exquisite pleasure along his full length. His hands found Abbie’s hair and he steadied her head as her tongue pressed hard against the ridged sides of his grateful cock. There was hardly any of the Popsicle left now. Abbie took her final suck of it, pulling the last remnants of ice from the stick and holding it in her mouth as she fed Craig’s cock back inside. He squealed and squirmed deliciously as the slivers of ice shocked his body only to be warmed again by the subtle sensation from the cinnamon.
Abbie sucked him deeper working slowly to restore the temporary dip the cold shock had caused to her man’s erection. As Craig responded he reached for her head and eased it gently onto him rocking back and forth until the sucking sounds that had annoyed him before suddenly became the sweetest music of all. Abbie increased the pressure, working him faster, lapping along his length and catching him deep at the back of her throat. It was only moments before Craig pulsed inside her, his release exciting and complete.




  1. I wasn't expecting to read about a frozen cinnamon kiss below the belt. Very spicy post.

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