Sunday, 22 December 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #48

Hi And welcome to this week's eight!
Today I am sharing from the last story in my anthology 'Christmas Delights' This excerpt starts a couple of paragraphs in when Jack arrives home on Christmas Eve:


He gathered her into his arms almost immediately, placing the bottle down on the nearest surface so that his hands were free to roam over Penny’s warm body through the silken robe she was wearing. Her curves yielded to his touch as his mouth found hers covering it with his full, soft lips and drawing from her a low groan when he eased his tongue inside her receptive mouth.
“I’ve waited all day for your body.” Jack muttered against her lips as he started to ease the robe from one of her silken shoulders.
“Good.” Penny murmured in response and her fingers set about undoing the buttons on his pale blue shirt.
They backed up into the room, their lips still searching and nibbling, Penny’s robe was left behind them as Jack’s hands explored every soft inch of her body with wide palms stroking and squeezing her sensitized flesh.
Jack turned Penny around in one movement and bent her forward with her hands against the wall as he loosened his trousers, pulling them down to his knees along with his under shorts.

“I love your ass,” he breathed, “God I love your ass.”


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  1. Hot! The last line rounds it out perfectly;)

  2. As they waste NO time LOL....very sensuous, great 8!

  3. What can I say except holy unholy hotness happening eight.

  4. Wow, he got there fast!!!! 'Course he's been waiting all day!!!

  5. They're making good use of the mistletoe I see. ;)

  6. Love his last line. It seems so spontaneous and true.

  7. they are having a merry christmas lol

  8. Very, very sensual scene, Gemma. Well done! :-) Happy New Year! :-)