Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Christmas Blog Hop!

Tantalizing Tuesday

Hi Tuesday teasers and Christmas visitors! Welcome to Tantalizing Tuesday's Christmas Blog Hop! Here is my picture and 200 words enjoy:

                                  "Santa Baby" by farconvillehttp://www.freedigitalphotos.net

I didn't quite know what to make of the Christmas Kiss- o -gram Michelle had ordered. The office was buzzing with excitement before his arrival but now? I almost didn't know where to look...the lycra was a little snug after all! But this was after hours and the wine had been flowing for an hour or two. He did his little wiggle then sauntered over to kiss me, I tried, I really did but the wine, the atmosphere… it was Christmas after all. I pulled him closer lifting my right leg up to wrap around his waist, grateful for the high split in my lycra skirt. His hands found me wanting as he snaked one in my hair and the other around my waist. The welcome intrusion of his tongue was no surprise and I danced around it with my own. Against my right hip I felt him stiffen and I moaned my approval. Dizzy and spellbound I lowered my leg slowly to the floor.
"Don't move." he hissed softly in my ear.
"Think of something sad." I advised him giggling.
To our left Jeanie picked up the karaoke microphone to sing.
"When I was a boy and old Shep was a pup..." she wailed.
That did it!

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Lots of Christmas cheer for you and yours! See you in the New Year!


  1. Wonderful, Gemma! I loved it. Playful and sexy and funny...great tease!

  2. Sexy and funny! Your tease made me chuckle! :)

  3. I bet she was rolling around with laughter after that. Great tease

  4. What a show she put on for her coworkers!! So sexy and playful and the use of your adjectives was perfect. 'Ole Shep" ranks right up there with "Old Yeller" for tearjerkers!! Wonderful tease :) xo

  5. That was fun

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  6. Yum! Sounds like the perfect Christmas gift :-)

  7. Your magical descriptions weaved the simmering mood around me so smoothly. I felt the buildup, through the end with the song, "ole Shep and Old Yeller..

  8. Great tease Gemma full of erotic promise written brilliantly

  9. Great fun, Gemma. I love sexy office scenarios and this Xmas office party scene captures the excess of the season to a tee. Nice (and very festive) work.