Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #48

Hi and welcome to another eight sentences from my Christmas anthology 'Christmas Delights'. This week's story comes from 'The Naughty Box' and tells the tale of a couple with very erotic imaginations!


“Tinsel!” Jake declared before jumping up from his chair by the gas fire.
“What?” Clare raised her sleepy head up from the sofa to question him, “What are you talking about Jake, l don’t like tinsel, the tree looks better without it.”
“No, not the tree, l thought that we could use it, you know?” Jake continued, he was already slipping on his brown leather jacket.
“Use it?”

“Use it baby, come on think about it, Christmas tinsel wrapped around your naked body!”


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  1. Love it. Why? Because I did it. What fun so we have a lot in common.

  2. Ooh tinsel sounds like it could be a very fun toy! LOVE IT!

  3. Naughty and creative - what a wonderful combination;)

  4. Takes tree trimming to a whole other level, creative guy! Fun snippet, loved it!

  5. LOL! Can't wait to see what this naughty guy has in mind. ;)

  6. Got to love a guy who can think out of the box. This is a fun snippet that promises sexy things to come. Very nice. :)

  7. I suspect it's his idea, not hers.

  8. and I guess he'll wish to put christmas balls on or into her as well?

  9. Reminds me of a recent post I saw about naughty things to do with Christmas decorations.

  10. Sounds like a blast! Flashy, too. I love this idea - great eight!