Friday, 29 November 2013

Flash Fiction Friday #82

Hi Everyone and welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! A group of authors and myself get together to write a flash fiction piece about the same picture using only 100 words. Here's mine, enjoy!:


Jack woke to the sound of hungry creatures cowering amongst the dense undergrowth. He knew he would have to move quickly, the stench of his human form would soon arouse curiosity. A circle of bright light and the distant shouts of anger pulled at something in his memory. Home was to the was time to run.
Twigs cracked between his toes, droplets of evening dew splashed his calves and behind him came the slow pant of hunger, or was it greed? Jack clenched his fists, stretched strong thighs and pounded the earth beneath him. Home was close, but was it close enough?


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  1. Very tense piece. Great descriptions.

  2. Twigs crackling between his toes and dew splashing on his skin were great vivid sensations to feels. Hoping he makes it safe to his place he called home.

  3. Hope he makes it. Great flash

  4. Vivid, living descriptions. Nail-biting tension. Great flash, Gemma. I'm truly afraid for him....:) xo

  5. Great flash Gemma. Full of suspense written excellently

  6. Oooh, intense, I hope he makes it! Great flash :-)