Sunday, 22 November 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #134

                      I'm going to start getting seasonal now and share snippets from my Christmas Anthology 'Christmas Delights' My first comes from 'The Christmas Guest':

                                                                  My Snippet:

It was mid December and Leanne was growing tired of all the happy faces surrounding her. Everyone except her, it seemed, was full of Christmas spirit. At work the Christmas tree had been up for over a month, with its silly fake presents sitting untidily beneath it. Leanne still had two more weeks to work until she could take leave and shut herself away in her small apartment waiting for the fuss to die down.
Of course she hadn’t always felt like this. Last year for example had been a very Happy Christmas. She smiled to herself as she remembered staying in bed for two whole days with a third year student she’d met in a wine bar.
Monday morning reality broke into her daydream as the phone on her maple desk rang loudly.


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Christmas is a time for giving. One of the most important things we can give is love, how we express that love is up to us. In this anthology, Christmas is expressed through erotic journeys of lust and discovery, making it a very special time of the year for all the characters within. Lie back and enjoy these five erotic tales of Christmas written from the naughty pen of Gemma Parkes:

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear lingerie that really made you feel beautiful? Danielle is reluctant until she feels super sexy in her present from Michael. A story bound to warm even the most reluctant of lovers.

  • A Christmas shopping expedition to England’s capitol city ends up with a visit to a live sex show. An erotic author and her boyfriend are about to view the action from very close quarters. Will it be everything they expected, or more?

  • Leanne is bored with the commercialism Christmas invariably brings. Will new employee Mike encourage her to get into the spirit of things by allowing him to spend the season with her?

  • Adventurous couple Clare and Jake have wonderful imaginations that run riot around this time of year. Even the dullest of Christmas decorations can become erotic in the extreme. What else do they have hidden away in their ‘Naughty Box’?

  • Penny is listening to Christmas Carol singers outside her window, when Jack arrives to spend the night. A lazy preparation of finger food won’t be enough to satisfy either of these passionate lovers.
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