Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The House of Erotica - Winter Warmers

Ho Ho Ho are you hoping for snow? Any excuse to curl up in the warmth with a really hot book? Look no further, snow or not, The House of Erotica have done it again! This book brings together some well loved erotic authors to share stories of a sexual nature guaranteed to make you blush!

Inside you will find a collection of ten Christmas-themed erotic stories. From dressing up to light BDSM and even carol singing, there’s a story to give everyone that warm, fuzzy feeling during the cold winter months. 

Authors included are: Annabeth Leong, Nicole Gestalt, Maxine Hooper, Angela R Sargenti, Jamie Rose, Nicky Raven, Victoria Blisse, Gemma Parkes, Tilly Hunter and                                                                                             Jade Taylor.

Gemma Parkes Ice and Spice:

It’s almost Christmas and Abbie is decorating the Christmas tree alone in preparation of her partner Craig’s return. A silver star containing a picture of the two of them after an impromptu shopping trip brings back warm, sexy memories of the night it was taken. Another reminds her of a family tradition with a delicious, decadent twist. With thoughts of passion coursing through her body it isn’t long before she finds herself alone relieving the tension with a small, pink friend.

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