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Christmas Delights by Gemma Parkes


‘Christmas Delights’ An erotic anthology by Gemma Parkes


Christmas is a time for giving. One of the most important things we can give is love, how we express that love is up to us. In this anthology, Christmas is expressed through erotic journeys of lust and discovery, making it a very special time of the year for all the characters within. Lie back and enjoy these five erotic tales of Christmas written from the naughty pen of Gemma Parkes:

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear lingerie that really made you feel beautiful? Danielle is reluctant until she feels super sexy in her present from Michael. A story bound to warm even the most reluctant of lovers.

  • A Christmas shopping expedition to England’s capitol city ends up with a visit to a live sex show. An erotic author and her boyfriend are about to view the action from very close quarters. Will it be everything they expected, or more?

  • Leanne is bored with the commercialism Christmas invariably brings. Will new employee Mike encourage her to get into the spirit of things by allowing him to spend the season with her?

  • Adventurous couple Clare and Jake have wonderful imaginations that run riot around this time of year. Even the dullest of Christmas decorations can become erotic in the extreme. What else do they have hidden away in their ‘Naughty Box’?

  • Penny is listening to Christmas Carol singers outside her window, when Jack arrives to spend the night. A lazy preparation of finger food won’t be enough to satisfy either of these passionate lovers.

Mike returned with their lunch, which they ate at their desks in relative silence. Leanne was feeling bitter and slightly despondent and soon found an excuse to put her head back into the stack of company files she needed to sort through.
As she leaned over the filing cabinet however she glanced to her right and once again noticed Mike’s steady gaze burning into her thighs.
The skirt she wore today was knee length, a pencil skirt of charcoal grey. Leanne hated the stifling confines of tights so underneath she wore fine denier stockings. She realised that it was the outline of the small bumps attaching the stockings to her suspender belt that were now holding Mike’s gaze. Inexplicably she felt her face flush and found herself temporarily frozen as she watched his eyes staring intently, burning through the fabric of her skirt. Instinctively she smoothed her hand across the front of her thigh, over the little telltale bump and smiled to herself as Mike softly cleared his throat and shifted a little in his seat.
Slowly he raised his eyes upwards, towards Leanne’s face where he met her steady gaze and held it fast with his own. For several moments neither of them seemed able to look away.
Leanne felt as though she was seeing Mike for the first time, his bright eyes were really quite intense, the deep brown stole into her and rippled her body with small tremors of excitement. What was that?
“Sorry,” Mike spoke first, “I didn’t mean to stare.”
Leanne smiled weak reassurance and carried on with her search of the filing cabinet, deliberately avoiding looking in Mike’s direction for at least half an hour. When she eventually braved a glimpse Mike was on the phone, his voice deep and soft as he spoke to a customer on Leanne’s behalf.
“I am so sorry Mr. Fitzsimons,” he soothed, “Leanne is in a meeting for the rest of the afternoon, she will be so sorry to have missed you. Can l take a message and get her to call you back?”
A quick scribble on a note pad and the caller was dismissed. Mike toyed with the pen before swinging his chair around to face Leanne.
“What are you doing after work?” he said.
“Going for a drink with you?” she questioned, grinning like a fool when he nodded his agreement.

The bar was crowded, exceptionally so considering it was only Monday. Cheap silver garlands of tinsel hung unconvincingly from worn paintwork but at least there was the absence of a tree.
They found a quiet corner and nursed, cool, watered down lager. The place was a dump, but cheap, it also had the advantage of being conveniently close to the office. Mike fiddled with the black edging on the side of his glasses before removing them altogether to hang by the arm from one corner of his mouth. This action made Leanne giggle but she stopped when Mike reached for her hand across the table laying down his glasses at the same time.
“How are you enjoying working at Misfits Mike?” Leanne asked, her eyes searching his face.
“It’s wonderful.” he said smoothly. “My boss is particularly cute.”
Leanne smiled, lost in the moment; she roamed her eyes over his soft full lips, his warm, twinkling eyes and his strong, inviting arms before deciding there and then that life was far too short to prolong this particular game.
When Mike read her signals and leaned forward to brush his lips against her mouth she responded, parting her lips slightly to extend the invitation. Hungrily she tasted his tongue as it circled hers, pulling him closer to feel the warmth from his body along the contours of her slight frame.

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