Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thursday Taster #4

         Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster! I have a new anthology tat has just been released and it's called 'Fevered Kisses'. Here I am continuing with an excerpt from the very first story ' Between the Pages': 

                                                    My Excerpt:

The female voice on the other end of the line was clear and professional. She gave the name of an agency; I didn’t even hear it properly because I was so eager to arrange something quickly before I changed my mind. I asked her how much it would cost to spend time with Steven; he was the man with 5 asterix. She gave me a price and told me when he was available and that was that! I had booked him for Thursday evening and I was to meet him outside the multiplex at West India Quay. Oh I know it wasn’t very original of me but the story about his antics in the cinema had driven me half delirious.
Thursday came, I had paced back and forth all day, bought two new dresses, both with easy access to my body, and picked up the phone three times to cancel. But meeting Steven was now only one hour away. I felt as though my heart would burst. I settled on the pale blue, a short little skater dress with plenty of flair. I tried to get it into my mind that Steven was there to please me. I was paying him to do what I asked. But what if he didn’t like me? I checked in the mirror, what wasn’t there to like? I was very attractive with long, auburn hair that sleeked down my back like a veil. The dress suited my slim frame and I’d always loved my legs. It would be fine; of course he’d like me. It occurred to me that I didn’t know what Steven looked like. The agency had given me a very basic description and told me he would be wearing a white shirt and black pants, but to be honest who wouldn’t be?
It was the agency advisor who suggested West India Quay. Travelling to London took around 25 minutes for me and I needed to take a ride on the tube to Canary Wharf. I was assured that this cinema would be one of the quietest I would find and chose an early evening time to hopefully play it safer still. When I arrived the streets were buzzing with people. Thankfully it wasn’t raining but as I looked towards the entrance my heart lurched at the queues for tickets. Standing on the steps to the entrance, set a little apart from the other people, was a tall, seriously handsome man in a casual white short sleeved shirt and black trousers. I knew it was him. There was something very professional yet relaxed about the way he stood. He was clearly waiting for someone, me. I stared at him, scanning him up and down from a comfortable distance. Finally I approached and my scalp tingled as my heart beat a little faster at the sight of him. I panicked, he was so good looking, I suppose you would have to be in his line of work, but even so. I froze just a few feet away, I couldn’t do this. I was about to turn and walk quickly away when he noticed me. I stood rooted to the spot as he walked towards me flashing a smile of perfect teeth.
“Hi,” he said reaching for my hand, “I’m Steven, are you Alice?”
Yes, I know it’s not my real name but I wasn’t going to take any chances.
I nodded meekly.
“Do you want to go into the cinema or did you have something else in mind?” he asked gesturing towards the small crowd of people.

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  1. Thanks for sharing- I loved this little tidbit:

    bought two new dresses, both with easy access to my body

    Made me giggle.

  2. I have got to get this book. It's a must read. Gemma, your stories interest me. Love your work.

  3. I love "do you have something else in mind?". Nice way to leave readers wanting more.

  4. I love the riveting flow of this very interesting story. I can't wait to find out what she will decide. Does she have something else in mind?
    Very well done!