Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #129


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm I'm continuing with a snippet from my 'Fevered Kisses' anthology' this comes from the Second story in the antho' 'Too Darn Hot', enjoy:      
                                                  My Snippet:

“It’s too darn hot, just too darn hot.”
The music rang out for a third time as eight couples quick stepped their way past Miranda Briggs as they had done all afternoon.
“OK, everyone let’s take five.” She shouted waving her hand high in the direction of the MC and standing up swiftly from her chrome and leather chair.
The music stopped and the couples left the floor in their droves. Miranda headed to the bar.
“What time is it Jamie?” she asked the bar tender.


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Six sizzling stories in an anthology of lust from the pen of Gemma Parkes:

·        A notebook carelessly left behind reveals secret liaisons of a most intimate nature.

·        An insatiable woman bites off far more than she can chew when four is certainly not a crowd.

·        Sometimes life is just too darn hot but could cooling down heat things up further?

·        Fevered kisses lead to daring thrills for one hungry couple.

Also, what happens when erotic fantasies occupy too much of your time? Lay back and lose yourself in the sensual mind of one of England’s most imaginative storytellers. Adults only.




  1. Gemma, there's a show business feel to this snippet. And next?

  2. Very vivid scene! Wondering what comes next.

  3. So she's DJ or something similar? I might not know the details, but I'm enjoying your snippets.

    1. Thanks Ed! She's a dance teacher, glad your enjoying them.

  4. Is it hot in there, I wonder? :)

  5. I love watching the quickstep and I'm sure I could never manage to dance it. Excellent excerpt, very visual. Just be really careful about quoting actual song lyrics in a book, ok?