Sunday, 11 October 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #125


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm starting a new story today and taking a snippet from my 'Fevered Kisses' anthology' this comes from the first story in the antho' 'Between the Pages', enjoy:                                           
                                                                        My Snippet:

It was then that I noticed it; a small notebook had been left on the table partly obscured by used serviettes. I reached across and with a quick glance around, peeked inside. Scribbled in green biro were the names of several men. Philip was one I think and there was definitely a Steven. Next to the names were comments and small asterix. I looked around me making absolute sure that no-one was watching or coming back to reclaim it. When I was quite satisfied I started to read. The comments all seemed to be of a sexual nature saying things like, ‘Likes it rough’ or ‘Oral only’ I felt my mouth drop open as shock hit me and quickly shut the book.


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Six sizzling stories in an anthology of lust from the pen of Gemma Parkes:

·        A notebook carelessly left behind reveals secret liaisons of a most intimate nature.

·        An insatiable woman bites off far more than she can chew when four is certainly not a crowd.

·        Sometimes life is just too darn hot but could cooling down heat things up further?

·        Fevered kisses lead to daring thrills for one hungry couple.
Also, what happens when erotic fantasies occupy too much of your time? Lay back and lose yourself in the sensual mind of one of England’s most imaginative storytellers. Adults only.




  1. Well! My, my, looks like someone's naughty black customer book!! What will she do with it?

  2. She's not going to keep that book closed for long. This was a fun snippet!

  3. Who left the notebook, I wonder? I'm with J. Rose- what is she going to do with it? Whatever it is, I have a feeling it will be fun.

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    1. Pressed the wrong button - sorry :( but Veronica was asking what a biro was, it's a ball point pen here in England :) Thanks for comment Veronica, sorry deleted by accident, much appreciated.

  5. Dynamite in her hands. What will she do with it. A cliff hanger, Gemma.

  6. Nice tease! Now you've got me interested for more.. ;)

  7. Huh. You'd think something like that might use code. Even if it's only first names, if you knew the owner you might be able to identify people.

  8. Haha! I love her reaction to what's inside. I understand completely. I always liked the imaginative premise to that story, Gemma! Good snippet. :-)

  9. If something like that book is left out, maybe the owner wants it to be found? Great excerpt.