Thursday, 22 October 2015

Thursday Tasters #19

 Hi and welcome to this week's taster. Each week a group of authors, including myself, will share with you a sample from one of our stories. last week I was sharing an excerpt from 'Between The Pages' a story from my anthology 'Fevered Kisses'. I'm continuing from where I left off, enjoy!:

I nodded weakly, my whole body alive with excitement, my sex already throbbing its approval beneath my short dress.

“If you don’t like what I do feel free to stop me.” he murmured though his sweet smile told me that was never going to happen.

The movie started and we settled down. I leaned into him as he put his arm around me giving the appearance of a normal couple out on a normal date. He sat to my right and his right hand rested gently on my left thigh, electrifying the skin beneath it. I wriggled a little as he began to stroke softly through the flimsy cotton. He turned his head to kiss me and I don’t know why but its intimacy surprised me. I took his tongue and stroked it with my own; so much passion surged through me I felt I would melt. His tongue greeted mine and he learned further across me angling his body to reach me better. The delicious taste of peppermint awakened my senses whilst the faint aroma of expensive scent teased my nostrils. My body responded quickly as I thought about the stories I’d read and this gorgeous man attached to my face. I pushed myself deep into the seat, trying to relieve the throb already threatening to take over.

“Easy,” he whispered against my neck, “We have hours and hours.”

How could I last hours? I was already his, my body pooling before him starved of any attention apart from my own anxious fingers. But I tried to relax, the sound of the movie a soft drone bearing no significance to my current state. Steven looked at me, breaking the kiss and seemingly making the decision to slow things down a little. He sat back into his seat and lazily played with my thigh. I relaxed as much as I could but my skin was crawling with excitement, my sex throbbing and wet, begging for attention. I pressed myself further into my seat and tried to focus on his gentle touch. Steven played with my knee, rolling his palm across its surface and stroking with feather light touches. This was good, really good. I relaxed and even glanced in the direction of the screen. Slowly he moved his hand a little higher, taking my dress with it. I prided myself in my soft skin and knew that my legs were perfectly smooth beneath his searching palm. His hands swooped up and then down again as he leaned forward in his seat to reach my ankles, teasing his fingers around my foot and easing off my shoe. With a slow movement Steven brought his palm up towards my knee again and then all the way to the top of my thigh. I whimpered as he brushed briefly against the silk of the thong I didn’t dare go without and he silenced me with a kiss. Up and down his large hand swirled, stroking and teasing every inch of my leg before moving on to the other. Each time he reached the tops of my thighs he brushed oh – so lightly against my increasingly damp thong.

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  1. Sizzling taster, pass the fans!! I want to read more

  2. His slow method of foreplay is sensuous to me as the reader. I feel her reactions with each line you have written. I can hardly wait to read how and what his next moves are.

  3. Sizzling! Scorching! Searing right to MY core. Oh, sweetmotherofgod!! I need an ice bsth!

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  5. Good, she really needed that.