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Thursday Taster -

Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster. A group of authors get together each Thursday and share excerpts from their books or works in progress. This week I am going to share an excerpt from 'Pleasing Mia' enjoy!:


Scott first noticed Mia four months ago in ‘Pulse’ a massively popular nightclub on the outskirts of the City. It was a vast club with two dance floors in separate rooms playing different music in each in a bid to cater for all tastes. As a result the club was popular with a variety of people from several age groups. It was quite usual to spend some considerable time queuing up outside before being allowed into the premises. Thankfully this particular evening was in a warmer than average month of May.
Scott visited with a group of friends one Friday night after the pubs became boring. Mia was already dancing on the large floor in the main room when they arrived.
They all noticed her; everyone in the club was watching her, she was with two other girls, each capable of turning heads in their own right. They were dancing around in their little group, twisting and turning to the rhythmic beat but you could see that Mia was lost in her own world, dancing with wild abandonment as if she were all alone in her bedroom. Scott was instantly attracted to her.

She was just so beautiful. Her messy blonde hair was swinging outwards as she danced, coming back to land on naked tanned shoulders in unruly tresses that filled Scott with a sudden urge to stroke them tenderly away.
It was impossible to make out the colour of her animated eyes but Scott noticed that she closed them when she spun around in time to the music. Her build was slender, almost fragile but the soft curve of her hips and silhouette of high rounded breasts was obvious beneath the thin confines of her strappy white dress.
She was an obvious beauty, but it wasn’t just her stunning looks that were causing the stir in the trousers of just about every male in the room. It was her wildness, the raw sexuality that was displayed through her dancing. Watching her complete abandonment made them all wonder if she would be as uninhibited between the sheets.
There were many equally beautiful girls in the club that night. Some of them were, possibly prettier than Mia, but none of them had her appeal. As Scott watched her he thought two things. One, he wanted her really badly, and two, there wasn’t anyway that he would ever be able to approach a girl like that. Reluctantly, he turned away and headed for the bar.
Pulse, with its two dance floors, was the place to be if you were serious about your dancing. Along the edge of the larger of the two dance floors were four podiums. Anyone could use these at any time during the course of the evening if they felt the urge to show off their dancing skills or had enough alcohol inside them to fill them with a false sense of bravado. As a result the quality of the podium dancing was unpredictable to say the least.
Tonight two of them held male dancers, young and erratic, throwing themselves around in an attempt to impress, occasionally checking each other out to make sure they weren’t being outperformed.
The other two podiums had female occupants, one upon each. These were both very attractive girls, performing carefully planned well practised dance moves. One was wearing tiny silver shorts and a matching boob tube, her taut stomach was gyrating wildly and her hips were thrusting in and out as the beat boomed out. She had long, straight brown hair which fell around her shoulders and was dancing in bare feet which made her dancing look more primitive.
The other dancer was a skinny blonde with a cute bob. She was wearing a tiny black dress that barely covered her matching thong. Her long, toned legs, tanned for the evening, were her best feature and she used them to her advantage, stretching them out from side to side as she circled her hips and raised her hands above her head in time with the music.
Scott moved his eyes away from the performers and back towards Mia, he noted that most of the men, even the ones who were dancing, only had eyes for her. She was dancing a sexy uninhibited dance that was promising so much. He found it really hard to look at anything or anyone else.
“She’s out of your league Scott.” It was Sean’s voice, one of the group he came with and his very best friend.
“She’s out of everyone’s league.” Scott replied wistfully.

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On a weekend visit to a local nightclub, Scott notices a beautiful girl dancing with complete abandonment on the crowded dance floor. Everybody is watching her, though she seems oblivious to any attention she is receiving. The girl (Mia) is simply lost in the music.

When eventually circumstances lead her to succumb to his quiet charm Scott discovers Mia’s wild sexual nature is not restricted to the dance floor. As he struggles to keep up with her sexual prowess and ever changing moods Scott discovers a side of himself that he had not deemed possible. Pleasing Mia is by no means an easy accomplishment. Will Scott succeed?
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  1. Out of everyone's league. I like that. :)

  2. I remember this story. Poor Scott is going to have a hard time. He doesn't seem so confident about even talking to her. Somehow, that's sweet already.