Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Flash - The Waterfall of Truth

Hi and welcome to this week's Flash Friday. One picture One hundred words only, enjoy:


Anna sailed forward, towards what, she couldn't be sure. It had to be better though - had to be clearer. The waterfall glistened with truth and promised a future she could be proud of. There was no point in hesitating. In some ways Anna had been waiting for this journey her whole life. Would she be alone? Possibly, but did that really matter? Some journeys were best completed alone, she had tried companionship. This time she would stand proud, make decisions and listen to her heart. As she approached the entrance warmth passed over her, soft music summoned her nearer…nearer. 

Every Friday we write flashers of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture:


Muffy Wilson:
Naomi Shhaw:


  1. That is simply lovely, Gemma. I had a hard time with this one myself, but you showed the photo as a future, promising and loving. This was charming and hopeful. I loved it. xo

  2. Excellent! You were inspired with this difficult pic and I love the idea of hope in the future. Wonderful Flash