Sunday, 3 May 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #112


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm continuing with the next eight from 'Dancing for the Boys' I have played with the punctuation a little so as not to interrupt the flow, enjoy!:                                           

James sent his chauffeur to collect Tanya at 7pm and she was ushered to a room at the back of his sumptuous house. Her eyes widened at the splendour and obvious affluence surrounding her. Greek statues stood in corridors, high ornate ceilings towered above her, and expensive, exotic paintings hung proudly on clean, subtly painted walls. For the first time Tanya wondered whether James lived alone. 
She sat cautiously in a small sitting room covering her outfit with a full length raincoat. After a few minutes James arrived, he was dressed casually in beige chinos and a black T shirt, his feet were bare and Tanya could hardly contain her excitement at his presence.

“Tanya!” he greeted her with a small kiss to the back of her hand, “Thank you so much for coming, I wasn’t sure…” his voice trailed off and Tanya sensed a little trepidation in his speech.
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  1. Well she's arrived. This is the moment...almost. I'm really nervous for her. (Great snippet)

  2. I'm wondering why she suddenly wondered if he lives alone? What tipped her off that maybe he doesn't? I can't wait to see what he says when she unveils herself. :)

  3. Well, the evening is off to a pretty good start but I can't wait for MORE. Terrific story going on here...

  4. I'm nervous for her too. I hope the evening goes well. And I wonder who the other people are that she'll be dancing for. :-) Good snippet, Gemma!

  5. What if no one else is there and he . . .Hurry up next week. I'm dancing already.

  6. Why does she think he might not live alone... hummm... can't wait to read more!