Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #113


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm continuing with the next eight from 'Dancing for the Boys' I have played with the punctuation a little so as not to interrupt the flow, enjoy!:                                           

“Come, come, I’ll show you where you’ll be dancing.” James quickly recovered his stance and smiled warmly.

Tanya’s mouth opened in wonder as James opened the door to a purpose built entertainment room. There were two rows of plush seats facing a small stage complete with a gleaming chrome pole. The room was dark, spotlights pointed towards the stage and Tanya realised with disappointment that she was not the first dancer James had brought home.

“Do you like it?” James asked scanning her face carefully.

“I’m a little shocked,” Tanya spoke quietly, “How often do you do this?”
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Who doesn’t love to dance? Who doesn’t love to tease the men watching, willing them to notice and lust after your body? What would you do if you were given the chance to perform before a group of appreciative gentlemen for a large amount of money? The latest release from the pen of Gemma Parkes combines two stories of exotic dancing and what it means to two women when they truly perform.

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  1. Oh Gemma, I feel sad for her. You've written a fascinating snippet and broke my heart at the same time.Beware of this man, girl.

  2. Tanya is right to be suspicious of James :-O. She should get outta there - and fast!

  3. I feel so sorry for her, realizing she's not the first. (Unless she is, in some plot twist!). I'm with the others, still not too sure abut this guy. Excellent excerpt!

  4. I agree. I wouldn't stick around if I were her! Excellent excerpt!

  5. Caution required... but then again, just because she's not the first, it doesn't mean that it's a bad thing... well, except human nature is what it is....

  6. Like everyone else, I'm worried about her too.

  7. Oh no, how often does he do this. And there was another dancer there? I think this is working out the way she wanted.

  8. Hm, I wonder how she knows that he'd had other dancers. Another intriguing snippet. Great 8!

  9. I guess she's committed to dancing for him. But I'd prolly never take another gig for this guy. Unless there's a good plot twist.

    I don't know which direction the story goes, but there's definitely creepy potential here--in case you'd want to write a thriller. ;-)