Thursday, 16 April 2015

Thursday Tasters #11

Hi and welcome to the first Thursday Taster I have completed in quite some time! This is a great little group and a fantastic opportunity for authors to showcase excerpts from their work (published or otherwise). If you are interested in joining in, please follow the link below and send a message to the group's manager Naomi Shaw: for now just enjoy my taster from 'A Wicked Game':

Peter didn’t know how long he had sat on his sofa staring at the wall. It didn’t matter how hard he thought, he reached the same conclusion. No solution would afford him peace.
Eventually he made himself a microwave meal and then pushed the unpalatable substance around his plate with a dinner spoon before discarding it altogether. He felt miserable. He had been so sure that he’d had everything under control, but that was crazy. In reality he was never in control. Lucinda held all the cards, Lucinda called all the shots.
And what about Amy?
Wasn’t he supposed to see her tonight? He tried hard to remember but all he could see was her furious face, white with anger when she’d noticed Lucinda waiting for him. Amy must know what’s going on, he thought grimly, God what a mess.
He closed his eyes and allowed his thoughts to wander back again to Lucinda, the way she’d looked when she’d thrilled him, on her knees before him like a wanton whore. He took out his phone and looked at the photographs of her. Her ass appeared on the little screen ripe and waiting and her sexy body was so eagerly spread out before him. His eyes focussed on her hot, teasing mouth. His groin stirred as he recalled the sensations his body had felt as she pleasured him so expertly. He shook his head slowly, what an idiot he’d been. Lucinda didn’t need lessons. Lucinda already knew exactly how to please a man, and then some.
So what did she want?
 What was Lucinda getting from all of this? Peter felt there was definitely something he was missing. The shrill trill of the house phone cut through his thoughts. He made a grab for it and knocked it to the floor, by the time he raised it to his ear Amy was furious.
“Is she there now?” she snarled and it was a tone Peter had not heard from her before.
“No. No of course not! Amy what’s the matter?”
“I’m coming over.” The phone went dead in Peter’s hand and at the same time his mobile vibrated. It was a text.
Coming over xxx
Lucinda! No! Quickly he punched the keypad with his fingers,
No, Amy’s here! Peter pressed send.
There was no reply. Peter paced the floor then tried again.
Don’t come! He pressed send and watched as the ‘received’ message showed up underneath the many fingerprints blocking a clear view of the phones screen.
Again there was no reply from Lucinda and his heart tightened in his chest.
What was she doing? Reply, damn you Lucinda!
In desperation he rang her number and got her voicemail, by now Peter was struggling to think straight at all.
“Lucinda!” he practically shouted into the handset, “Do not come to my house, Amy is here!”
No she isn’t.

Lucinda’s almost instantaneous text made his scalp prickle. 

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  1. It's great to see you again Gemma, and I love your taster. I can sense tension rising within him and am dying to find out more about Lucinda

  2. It's great to see you again Gemma, and I love your taster. I can sense tension rising within him and am dying to find out more about Lucinda

  3. A dangerous game indeed. I believe he needs to make a decision.

  4. I don't know what's on Lucinda's agenda but it sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe he should broke it of with Amy and get to know Lucinda a bit better.

  5. Mmmm....I can't wait to see how this goes. Amy and Lucinda show up at the same time - it is sure to be a scene :)

  6. Thank you all for your comments!

  7. This was one of my favorites to read. If anyone hasn't read this story, get the book now. Great to see you back, homegirl!