Sunday, 23 November 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #92

    Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am sharing from my seasonal anthology 'Christmas Delights' this story is called 'The Naughty Box' enjoy!:                                              

                 MY EIGHT:

“Tinsel!” Jake declared before jumping up from his chair by the flickering gas fire.
“What?” Clare raised her sleepy head up from the sofa to question him, “What are you talking about Jake, l don’t like tinsel, the tree looks better without it.”
“No, not the tree, l thought that we could use it, you know?” Jake continued, he was already slipping on his brown leather jacket.
“Use it?”
“Use it baby, come on think about it, sparkly, Christmas tinsel wrapped around your naked body!”

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  1. I so like this idea. Shh. In fact, I've done it on my reluctant hubby and my oh my how he responded. Thanks for the laugh and a delicious snippet.

  2. Interesting idea, Gemma!

    (The one who proposes the idea has to clean it up afterward, right?)

  3. I know a man just like this :D Nice 8!

  4. Man on a mission LOL. Fun snippet!

  5. um....ideas. Tinsel fun times. Nothing better than some fun naughty Christmas stories.

  6. I think he's had a "vision", lol. And she gets to enact it for him. Maybe a flesh and tinsel tree?

  7. : ). Smiley face here from these eight!

  8. Who needs mistletoe when you have tinsel? :-) Good 8, Gemma! :-)

  9. Haha a very FESTIVE posts and very creative. Love it!