Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thursday Taster #10

Hi and welcome to Thursday Tasters. I am going to share another section of the story included in an anthology by Yellow Silk Dreams. The book is called 'Enchanted' and my story is 'Patrick's Pendant' Katy is looking for her lost mobile phone when she stumbles upon a pendant which holds mysterious powers:


Cautiously Katie closed her eyes.
Oh how her body tingled! Small ripples of pleasure washed over her skin like minute kisses. She felt warm and calm, yet stimulated.
Patrick was smiling, holding her hand, turning it over in his and guiding it up to his soft, full lips. Gently he laid her back into the leaves and she felt soft fluttering kisses, damp in their urgency to cover every part of her face.
Katie felt relaxed, yet somewhere in the back of her mind…but oh he was tracing her neck and she couldn’t, wouldn’t open her eyes to chase him away.
The leaves fluttered around her, she could feel the power of the small, sudden gusts that were playing with the driest of them. The wind hissed a tune, a warm breath stole into her ear and she sighed. Although still clothed, Katie’s body felt exposed, she could feel the soft strokes of Patrick’s eager fingers now caressing her stomach underneath the baggy jumper she was wearing. His face was inches from hers as he looked lovingly down at her. She relaxed into his touch as she felt his fingers dipping beneath her jeans and teasing the inside of her thighs. Katie opened her mouth to object but was silenced by sweet kisses pressing against her lips and growing steadily firmer.
Her heart threatened to burst through her chest as she felt long, invisible fingers teasing her apart and pressure applied to her thighs. It was unbearably exquisite and she wanted so much to melt into this unseen spectre, this apparition of intense sexual pleasure.
The fingers began sliding into her excited response and Katie moaned softly. Suddenly they were inside her, teasing her open…
Breathlessly Katie sat upright, her eyes wide and staring.
What was this? What was she doing?
Her hand was gripping the chain and she dropped it now. The leaves stopped dancing and the wind grew calm. Katie stared hard at the little pendant. She contemplated leaving it there on the ground where she had found it. Decisively she picked it up again and tucked it into her jeans pocket. She was here to look for her phone, not fantasize about strange blonde men wearing chains.
Katie instinctively smoothed down her clothing when she stood, though there had been no disturbance that she could see. This had to be a crazy hangover surely?
Yes, of course it must be!
It was just a hangover coupled with her need to feel desired again after last night’s blow to her confidence. She really shouldn’t drink so much, she always felt lightheaded the following day. She needed to find her phone quickly and then get the hell out of there to catch up on her sleep back home.
Katie walked deeper through the thickest part of the spinney until she came to the small playground. There was a woman with two young boys playing on the old swings. They looked up when they saw her and the woman smiled. The boys looked roughly the same age, around six years old. They were obviously enjoying the excitement of the swings and the woman was alternating between them. As Katie drew closer she noticed their sandy hair and broad smiles.
A quick exchange revealed that neither the woman nor her children had seen the lost mobile so Katie continued to scan the ground, kicking away stray leaves hoping to come across it. As she walked to the other side of the small play park, a sudden glint of silver caught the corner of her eye, making her look up. There it was! It was lying in the centre of the old see-saw. Katie headed towards it and snatched it up with relief.
The woman smiled once more as she set off with the boys back to the clearing on the other side of the thicket. The ‘party side’ Katie though bitterly.
Just then her phone vibrated and she almost dropped it glancing down quickly at the lit up screen.
Forget him.  

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  1. I love where this story goes. Very spicy, too. I'm still looking for a central link to Yellow Silk Dreams. I would like to feature some of its new releases. Can you help?

    1. On fb:
      Our "Leader" Jacqueline George:
      We are a group of authors that self pub though YSD. Come join us!!

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  2. Gemma, this was so erotic without ever saying any of 'those' words. It was beautiful, fluid, descriptive and the detail so vivid, nearly palpable. Very sensual, very enticing and gave me shivers. But the last line, the last line was an incredible hook. I am yours until I find out. Loved it! xo

  3. Wonderful taster. Excellent descriptions and highly charged erotica. Love it

  4. Wow, that was unexpected! Is she going to be haunted by an erotic ghost?