Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #91

    Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am Continuing with eight from a story I wrote for inclusion in my 'Fevered Kisses anthology. My story is called 'Anytime, Anyplace':                            

                                                              MY EIGHT:

It was Sean's voice, the deep baritone warmth raising every hair on my body, caressing every nerve ending. I ran a splayed hand through my hair and giggled back into the receiver, of course he could come over, and no, I wasn’t going anywhere today.

I picked up the pillow as l talked and breathed him in.

30 minutes later he arrived.

I pulled him through the door by his open shirt neck and he lifted me covering my mouth with his as he kicked the door closed behind him. We made it to the bedroom quickly, his eager arousal stabbing at my thigh as he lowered me to the bed and tossed aside the robe.

His trousers fell untidily around his ankles along with his boxers as l pulled his shirt open to feel his skin, coarser than my own, bristling with short, black hair that now grazed my nipples erecting their own welcome party.
Sean stabbed then entered me, wringing a desperate cry from my open mouth.                                    *********************** 

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