Sunday, 28 September 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #83

       Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am continuing with eight from my new release, 'Fevered Kisses' an anthology of lust. This week I am continuing from last week and fifth story 'Some Time Away'. 

                                  MY EIGHT:
Her mood was taking a downward spiral and the traffic ahead of her was going nowhere. A few drivers had tired of waiting and were making rash U turns to try and find an alternative route.
When Michael started his next song he was lamenting how much he wanted to go home. “It’s alright for you!” Melanie complained into the humid interior of the Mercedes, “You probably have someone waiting for you when you get in!”
A gap had opened up in front of her again and the angry hoot of the horn behind her made her jump.
“Wake up lady!” the driver shouted.


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  1. I feel like I'm in the car with her and can totally relate to the scene. Wonderful snippet and thanks for stopping by.

  2. And you should read the rest of it, Joyce. You will definitely be stirred, if not thoroughly shaken!

  3. So real it brought back memories. *shudder* I hate being trapped in traffic for a long time. Great snippet!

  4. Excellent description of traffic.

  5. Being stuck in traffic will probably drive them to all kinds of interesting behaviors. I hate getting stuck in traffic.

  6. Nicely done...makes me frustrated just thinking about Rush hour traffic.

  7. I really hate traffic! Portrayed perfectly here.

  8. I always hate when people act as if a few feet of road is really going to make a difference in their commute time. The other drivers better watch it--she's a woman on the edge!

  9. Great 8, Gemma! Most people have been stuck in traffic at various times and it's easy to relate to her frustration and boredom. You cut right to heart of it. I really like the piece, but yeah, it was kind of a relief to reach the end because of all that emotion ;-)