Sunday, 13 July 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #74

            Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am continuing with eight from my new release, 'Fevered Kisses' an anthology of lust. This week I am continuing with the second story 'Too Darn Hot' carrying on from where we left off last time:

                                                       MY EIGHT:
Miranda’s home was around 25 minutes away and Jamie was obviously impressed as they drove up the sweeping private road to park on the gravel in front.
“Wow!” was all he could say.
Elderberry cottage stood in the most beautiful grounds. The gardens were ornate and heavy with carefully nurtured shrubs, many in flower. The house was a whitewashed Tudor home with stark black paintwork and a thatched roof, one wall was completely covered in wisteria flowers; it was a delight to behold. Excitedly Jamie climbed out of the car and was thrilled to see, at the side of the house, a tennis court slightly obscured from view by a wall of carefully pruned conifers.

Miranda led him through to the kitchen; from here the pool could clearly be seen, it was a rich blue oasis which reflected the sun’s rays along its gentle ripples. 


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 Six sizzling stories in an anthology of lust from the pen of Gemma Parkes:
·        A notebook carelessly left behind reveals secret liaisons of a most intimate nature.
·        An insatiable woman bites off far more than she can chew when four is certainly not a crowd.
·        Sometimes life is just too darn hot but could cooling down heat things up further?
·        Fevered kisses lead to daring thrills for one hungry couple.
Also, what happens when erotic fantasies occupy too much of your time? Lay back and lose yourself in the sensual mind of one of England’s most imaginative storytellers. Adults only.

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  1. You sure make that house sing...I want to go there! I got lost in your description, I could see it very clearly!

  2. Great description, especially the last sentence about the pool. Good job!

  3. I'm ready to visit. What a gorgeous description of the house and his reaction to it.

  4. Pack my bags; I'm ready to move in. Description has everyone ready to leave right now. Terrific snippet.

  5. How lovely. I want to go there too. :)

  6. Great description of what looks like an interesting place. I'd remove the word "around" and just say 25 miles away. You've done an outstanding job describing a delightful place, so you don't have to say it. Beautiful writing with outstanding word choices. Well done.

  7. Nice descriptions, Gemma! Wouldn't mind visiting there, myself.

  8. You truly set the scene! Fantastic descriptions!

  9. Wow, quite the setting indeed! I loved the description of the house itself...can't wait to find out what happens now that they're at the house, excellent excerpt.

  10. What lovely description. Nice excerpt.

  11. Boy, would I love to live there! Excellent detail in this description. I could see it so clearly. Great snippet!

  12. Very nice descriptions of the interior and exterior of the house. Sounds like a neat place to live.

  13. Sounds like a beautiful--but very controlled landscape and house. Makes me wonder about her personality.

  14. Fabulous description and I agree with Caitlin. Intrigue and secrets to come, I am sure;).

  15. I think Caitlin might be on to something. The description is beautiful,. Gemma. :-)