Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thursday Taster #7

Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster!  I am continuing with an excerpt from the third story 'Insatiable' in my new anthology 'Fevered Kisses':

My Excerpt:

Amber Nugent had many friends. She also had a great many lovers who were drawn to her obvious beauty and her warm, sensual nature. Wherever Amber went she caused something of a stir. Heads would turn when she entered a building, curious, hungry eyes would be upon her almost instantly. Men would gaze longingly at her big amber eyes and her luscious auburn hair which cascaded in unruly, silken curls almost to the base of her spine. Amber often wore clothes that were understated, usually jeans with a casual jumper or T shirt. But this did not stop men from turning their heads to imagine her hidden naked body.
Women were often exasperated, some would even be angry with their men when they caught them ogling Amber. A sharp jab in the ribs or a disapproving glare would usually suffice. But secretly the women stared too. Amber had a beauty which no-one could ignore.
Because Amber had a sweet nature women in her village warmed to her. They tried to hide their resentment at the effect she was having on their men, Amber obligingly played down her beauty to such an extent that liking her was easy. However, none were aware of how many lovers Amber took. Behind her outward innocence lay a deep, dark, insatiable passion that she simply could not satisfy. She needed sex everyday and from a variety of different men.
In the evenings Amber would take a bus into the next town. She would dress up in slinky evening dresses that would hug her enviable figure and show off her long legs.
Amber would sit alone in swanky wine bars waiting to be approached. This would never take long; sometimes she would time how long it took just for her own satisfaction. The feeling of so many male eyes following the contours of her body thrilled her so much that excitement pricked at her tawny skin. Occasionally she would glance back at a group of curious men to encourage them with a shy smile. It was always the alpha male in the group who would approach her first, the brave, confident man. Though every now and then Amber hankered after the shyest member of the group she rarely waited for his approach.
The game would begin; she would be bought a drink and then flattered relentlessly while her brave suitor’s friends looked on enviously. Amber would tease her prey, making him believe that it was he who was the predator. More drinks would follow, though Amber would never go beyond three. Compliments would be whispered into her ear behind the sparkling diamond earrings that were a gift from a grateful lover.
His body would move closer until warmth began to seep into her skin through her receptive pores. Amber would gaze up and listen to every word, how beautiful her eyes were, how silky her hair and how stunning she looked in her clingy dress.
All these compliments nourished Amber; she needed them constantly and she would look up adoringly into the earnest face of the man standing so close that their bodies would be touching. Her lovers never missed their cue. When Amber flashed her eyes and lightly touched an arm there would be no need to clarify unspoken words. They would leave the building together to incredulous, covetous glances from the bereft friends.
Outside would bring another fevered encounter in another dark alley as was always the pattern when Amber enticed her new lover into the dark and away from the bright, busy streets. Heated kisses intensely passionate would thrill her chosen prey as she clung to his body heated by sweat and burning anticipation. No man stood a chance once Amber had him in her grasp.
The absence of underwear meant her nakedness would soon be found beneath her dress by fumbling, feverish hands as it was invariably raised up around her waist while Amber leaned against the cold brick wall pulling her lover with her. She’d whimper encouragement as she pulled at his belt buckle setting him free from the tight confines of his trousers.
Then, as his cock entered her, hard and urgent she would raise her legs to wrap them around his waist. Amber took her lovers hard and fast, squeezing the very soul from each man, sucking him into her warm wetness. No man could fight her vice-like clutches. Any attempt to slow things down and prolong their passion would be thwarted as Amber always determined the pace. Her cries, when they came were primitive wails followed quickly by the grunts and expletives from whichever man was inside her at the time.
There would be a few moments of standing to catch their breath before Amber lowered her legs, smoothed down her dress and returned to the wine bar toilets to freshen up.

Occasionally her lover would be waiting for her return, gallantly offering to take her home. Quite often they would be hoping for a repeat performance later in the evening, but Amber always made her excuses, blew a little kiss and left.


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  1. A wicked, lovely slut-muffin is impossible to resist. I love her lust, her appetite and her unrepentant shamelessness. Beautifully described. Heated, sordid, seductive. Loved it. xo

  2. Interesting character. I wonder if she is looking for something deeper underneath or if she is just going to continue this way.

  3. Its awesome to see a woman revel in her sexual power. She comes across as confident and not ashamed of her desires. Well done

  4. Such an intriguing character! I want to know everything about her :)

  5. Gemma, you are one of my favorite authors to look for. I really enjoyed your reading, and damn, great piece. I love this intriguing character. Amber seems interesting, confident, and seductive. Keep up the good work homegirl!

  6. Is it weird to feel sorry for her? She may get off physically, but it seems something is missing.

  7. I can equate Amber's character to a gay man's. The almost anomonity of the sex is like a gay man's unquenchable thirst to be satisfied with continuous sex. Ambetr should be informed by one of her male contacsts about the shallowness of her physical beauty when she becomes older and does not attract men like she formerly did.

  8. Wicked and I love the word 'swanky' LOL

  9. Beautifully sensual taster. I'm intrigued by Amber and would love to read more about her.

  10. This is such a sensual taster, and it is impossible not to be intrigued by Amber. I'll definitely love to read more, even if to discover the void deep inside her that is responsible for her being the way she is.
    Great taster Gemma!