Friday, 6 June 2014


                                                      "Kids Blowing Flying Kisses" by digitalart

Hi Everyone, welcome to my blog post entry for the fabulous Blissekiss Blog Hop! There are prizes to be won and many wonderful 'kiss' snippets to be read, so when you've finished below click on the link and hop over to see what the others have in store for you!

My kiss excerpt is from my latest anthology Fevered Kisses and the story Some Time Away enjoy!:

                                                       MY EXCERPT:

Daniel leaned forward slowly and hesitated just above her face. As Melanie reached upwards to pull his mouth gently onto hers she felt the many frustrations of the day disappear until there was only Daniel and the thrill of his tongue circling hers coupled with the warm pressure of his hand on her arm.
They deepened their kiss as they freed themselves from the soft, toweling robes, everything felt so natural. Melanie’s breathing became more audible as she responded to Daniel's hands which were now roaming freely across her straining breasts. Her nipples rose to challenge the smoothness of his stroke, like small bumps on a sleek marble path. One of Daniel's legs crossed over hers, pinning her down with its weight and Melanie could feel the firmness of his desire growing and straining against her hip.
She whimpered when his lips left hers to travel along the base of her throat and down towards the nipples she now raised to offer him. Taking first one and then the other into his mouth, Daniel pleasured the excited buds, kissing and caressing their peaks with his tongue before nipping each one between his teeth, pulling them softly and drawing them outwards as Melanie moaned her appreciation. He marveled at the way the tiny buds stretched in his mouth, the sharp points scraping his tongue in response to his stimulation.
Slowly he released them and trailed his kisses down Melanie’s stomach towards her pubic bone. Just a thin line of closely shaven hair greeted him causing no barrier to the swollen clitoris now begging for his attention.
Melanie gasped, arching her back to meet him, riding a wave of passionate response, she writhed, she bit and she clung to him, teasing her fine nails across his scalp as she ground herself against his lips.
Daniel raised his head to look at her.

“Don’t stop!” she begged him.


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  1. That was a sweet snog. My fave place to be kissed is the back of my knee. Gets me every time.