Gemma's Poetry

                     MY REACTIONS
I watch as your long fingers stroke softly over my skin,

I marvel at the lightness of your touch,

My breath catches in my throat as you trace each careful outline,

On your journey south of my waist.

I murmur when your lips become the new travellers,

Leaving small damp patches in their wake,

Your curious tongue trails into every crease and crevice,

Even those hidden away from view.

Now l arch, no longer content to lay still,

I give myself over to your teasing weapons,

Explore all of me my love,

For every part of me belongs to you.


I love him when he’s sleeping,

Curled small and insignificant between strong stalks,

I love to wake him up,

Feeling him growing in the heat of my mouth,

A flaccid soldier waiting for the bugle,

When it blows he rises, standing tall,

On his head a purple helmet worn with pride,

He marches into the tightest of places,

A duty to perform and a delivery to make,

Onward and upward in his brave quest,

To conquer all who stand in his way,

At last he breathes, triumphant,

His duty done his barrel empty,

To return to the slumber from whence he came,

I love him.



Do you know how you fill me?

With love, with desire, with passion.

Do you know how you leave me?

Bereft, yet satiated and content.

What would l do

To show the world of my love?

Why would l care,

If the world knew or not?

How can l give you,

What you truly deserve?

I can’t my love,

It isn’t possible.

Stretching and thinking,

How wonderful would it be to feel your hands run across my skin?

How intense to feel your breath warm against my neck,

How exciting to feel your hardness press against the curve of my spine.


Sliding lower.

That ache when you hover above me your eyes burning with desire,

That moment when you press at the entrance to my body before

Claiming it as your own to yield and greet your love with mine.


Writhing and sighing.

The feeling that l belong to you as you move above and inside me,

That sensation of complete surrender and growing need

For you to satisfy the acute hunger l feel for your movements.


Silently screaming.

A feeling of complete sensation as l claw and meet your body with mine,

A helpless and tense electrifying release as l quiver and shake,

Finally falling as you satiate the emotion we both feel.


Curling and content.

As l lay listening to my heart steadying itself once again,

As l look at your face and breathe in the love reflected there,

As l realise how powerful our love really is.

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