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Carson's Story by Blak Rayne

A Message from Blak Rayne:
"Welcome to BRB, everyone! I've finally finished my next novel. It will be available for purchase before the month end after it's formatted for distribution. Carson's Story is the third in the Stephen and Carson series. Which is just my label, because the series doesn't actually have a formal title. The first book is The Ideal Side of Love, and the second book is The Ideal Side of Life. The first two books were written from Stephen's somewhat neurotic perspective. And when it came time to pen the last in the series, I decided it was time for a change and switched to Carson's more level-headed and laid-back POV. I hate to admit it, but out of all the character's I've written, his personality is probably the closest to mine. But that doesn't exclude Reeve (Devotion) or Sloan (Benevolence Series), characters with certain personality traits that are also eerily similar to my own. I have tendency to identify better with semes (yaoi) or the more dominant male leads, not that I domineer people, but I've been told I have a more masculine perception of life. Thanks Dad and all my brothers! Ugh!

I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing these books. I'd always wanted to write a gay romance with a police officer in it. And I thought who better than an RCMP officer, because they're a well recognize police force in this country and world wide. And since my best friend's husband is an RCMP officer, I couldn't go wrong. He was thrilled to help me. So, thank you, Jason! I was supposed to do a ride-along as part of my research, but it had to be postponed. Anyway, I still plan to go. And if he'll let me, I'd love to take pictures, and I will definitely write a post about it."
Carson's Story
By Blak Rayne
‘One man’s love is another man’s strength.’
A twenty-year veteran of the police force, Carson Mackenzie has worked hard to carve his niche in a demanding environment where stress is the operative word. Thanks to his occupation, he’s never relied on anyone, not even his husband Stephen until he’s involved in a severe car accident while on duty one night. His recovery isn’t smooth; reoccurring nightmares of the crash play havoc with his mental health and he starts to experience a new kind of stress—something he’s never dealt with, anxiety.

Adding to his problems, Dudley Kramer corners him in a restaurant, a shady art dealer who almost ruined his marriage and career once before. Arrogant and self-serving, Dudley wants sex and he’ll do whatever it takes. Too ashamed to ask for help, he tries to handle the situation alone but quickly discovers the art dealer won’t take no for an answer.

Teaser Excerpt:

Rapping a knuckle on the office door, I poked my head inside the room. “Can I come in?”
He removed a pair of dark-rimmed reading glasses that made him look like a professor, folded his arms and placed them atop a magazine on the desk. “Of course, hon.”
Moving the other chair from the corner, I sat in front of him and bent forward, elbows on my knees. “It won’t take long.”
“That’s fine, I was only reading the financial column.” He rubbed his face and leaned back with a yawn, tilting the chair. “The economy’s going for a shitter, so it was boring as hell. What’s up?”
“There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”
“I don’t know if I can handle all this honesty—I almost miss the old, stoic you.” He chuckled, then after a moment exhaled a sigh. “I was only teasing, hon, go ahead.”
“I’m sorry. It hasn’t been easy for me either. I’m not used to discussing work…never wanted to bring it home.”
“Gotcha. Don’t worry.” He reached over and gave my shoulder a gentle smack. “Start talking.”
“It’s about Dudley…he’s been accused of more serious crimes.”
“Okay,” he said slowly, studying my overall expression. “I can’t get a read off you this time. What type of crimes are you talking about?”
“Illegal drugs and rape. Several men lodged complaints. Each had been given a date-rape drug and was sexually assaulted in the art gallery…under the guise of art showings.”
Stephen rested his head on a tight fist and searched my eyes. “Those are pretty serious accusations—not that I’m surprised. The guy was kind of strange in college.”
“When you first introduced him to me, you said he was an okay guy…?”
“No, hon,” he contradicted politely. “What I’d actually said was he’d never done anything wrong in college that I knew of. Anyway, what does all this have to do with you?”
“Not long ago, Staff Sergeant Leland asked me to participate in an entrapment case against Dudley—”
“Because we’d experienced a similar incident at the art gallery, and because Dudley is attracted to you, you’d be the perfect bait.”
I wasn’t surprised he understood; Stephen is highly intelligent. “Yes,” I replied quietly, squeezing my hands together. “That’s why I’ve been out of sorts. It caused a lot of added stress.”
“Undue stress. Well, I trust you told Leland to blow it out his ass.”
“After what happened at the grocery store, yes.”
He rubbed a finger on his lower lip and said with mild indifference, “What goes around comes around and Dudley the Asshole Kramer will get his. But, at least not through you.”
“No thanks, I’ve had my fill.”
Rising from the chair, he stretched. “I’m heading to work.” And brushed past me.
“That’s it…?” I followed him so closely I nearly tripped in to him.
“I won’t be long.”
“Not that, Stephen. I’ve got a shift myself.” I gestured back to the office. “I just poured my heart out, and no kiss. Surely that qualified as a kiss moment.”
Stephen spun around, grabbed my shirt and yanked me close, his intense gaze searching mine until my cheeks got hot. “Right, well, maybe you need more than a kiss,” he insisted brazenly and my stomach fluttered. “Maybe you need sex.”
I wanted to say yes, shout it out, and then I finally found a little courage and said meekly, “Maybe I do.”
He paused with his mouth an inch from mine; his brows furrowed. “Are you teasing me?”
“No.” I swallowed and my pulse rose with the anticipation.
“What about work?”
“I’ve got fifteen minutes before I have to leave.”
He gave me a kiss and grinned. “Oh, I could definitely rock your world in fifteen minutes, trust me, Mr. Stud Muffin Cop.”
My cock stood at attention as he dragged me to the other end of the house, pushed me onto our bed, kicked the door shut and loosened his tie.

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Weekend Writing Warriors #114


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm continuing with the next eight from 'Dancing for the Boys' enjoy!:                                           

James’ eyes darkened, he thought carefully before he answered.

“We have all kinds of entertainment in here,” he said, “I installed the pole for you; normally we have…dancers with an exotic feel.”
“We?” Tanya asked before she could stop herself.
“I told you that you would be performing for prospective business partners.” James stated his tone bordering on annoyance.
“Yes you did, I’m sorry,” Tanya hurried, “I wasn’t expecting everything to be so…professional.”
This seemed to please James and he smiled broadly.


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Who doesn’t love to dance? Who doesn’t love to tease the men watching, willing them to notice and lust after your body? What would you do if you were given the chance to perform before a group of appreciative gentlemen for a large amount of money? The latest release from the pen of Gemma Parkes combines two stories of exotic dancing and what it means to two women when they truly perform.

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Smut By The Sea 2015

 Smut by the Sea is fast approaching and, unfortunately this year, due to work commitments, I won't be able to attend :( Having attended the last two I can however, heavily recommend this wonderful, fun event!  If you haven't been to a Smut event you really should give it a try! Click on the links for more information:

 This year will be the third Smut by the Sea at Scarborough Library and it’s bigger and better than ever before with a schedule filled with sexy, seaside shenanigans.  This year’s event is sponsored by Sexhibition, the brand new and innovative Sex expo to be held in Manchester this August. Smut UK will be there, you should be too!
On the 23rd May 2015 Smut UK will take over the upstairs of Scarborough library from 9am -5pm with workshops, performances and more to delight you. All day you will be able to indulge in the delights of the erotic market place. Get your homemade gifts and treats from Bella Settarra, and Cara Sutra will be giving away goody bags and selling sexy treats including DVDs, bondage gear and lube. Pick up a book from the Smutty book stall, check out Steph’s Ann Summers table and of course you must have a go on the world famous Erotic Tombola, you never know what you might win.
There will be two reading slams filled with top quality authors, make sure you come and listen to Cara Sutra, Janine Ashbless, Kiki DeLovely, Charlie J Forrest , Bella Settarra, , Anna Sky
Slave Nano, Cameryn Moore, Helen J Perry, Ashe Barker, Jacqueline Brocker, Ashley R Lister, Lisabet Sarai, and Victoria Blisse as they read 5 minute excerpts for your aural pleasure.
Three diverse workshops will take place though out the day, Jennifer Denys will be leading one on researching and writing Werewolf stories, Slave Nano will be Kinking up the Past in his historical and sexy workshop and Cameryn Moore, professional potty mouth will be talking dirty to filth up your fiction or steam up your sex life.
And as if that’s not enough there will be performances from the Enchanting Bea Noir and the sensual Blue Belle and those brave enough can pick up a Free Spanking from Mistress Cara Sutra!
Tickets are still available including a VIP package that includes a sexy goody bag filled with treats, your lunch and priority seating in all workshops, performances and slams.

                                        My Heart will be with you all! Have fun!

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Weekend Writing Warriors #113


Hi and welcome to this week's eight sentences. 
I'm continuing with the next eight from 'Dancing for the Boys' I have played with the punctuation a little so as not to interrupt the flow, enjoy!:                                           

“Come, come, I’ll show you where you’ll be dancing.” James quickly recovered his stance and smiled warmly.

Tanya’s mouth opened in wonder as James opened the door to a purpose built entertainment room. There were two rows of plush seats facing a small stage complete with a gleaming chrome pole. The room was dark, spotlights pointed towards the stage and Tanya realised with disappointment that she was not the first dancer James had brought home.

“Do you like it?” James asked scanning her face carefully.

“I’m a little shocked,” Tanya spoke quietly, “How often do you do this?”
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Who doesn’t love to dance? Who doesn’t love to tease the men watching, willing them to notice and lust after your body? What would you do if you were given the chance to perform before a group of appreciative gentlemen for a large amount of money? The latest release from the pen of Gemma Parkes combines two stories of exotic dancing and what it means to two women when they truly perform.

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The Para-Portage of Emily by Muffy Wilson


Emily Macque, a young, beautiful junior partner in her father’s law firm, is but a heartbeat away from love or destiny. Duty brings Emily to a frozen Island estate two hundred and fifty miles north of Chicago. Devotion requires she delve into the property history to settle an estate probate. Death lures her into the arms of the shadows seduction created by the flickering light and dark shadows.
What flames the timeless passions spanning the decades? Love, desire or obsession?
Colin Jorgenson, once a Great Lakes mariner, is a strong man haunted by love and loss. How long will he return each night, gripped by desire, hoping to find the woman he has loved for a century?
Beneath the pristine Island beauty, passions hungered, lingered in the ardent darkness. His passions, fueled by decades of loneliness and longing, could no longer be denied. Will they face eternity together or love in secret as dark  things are to be loved between the shadows and the soul?

“Tell me what you know about Mariner’s Maiden please, Kirby.”
Kirby took a long draw on his beer before he began his narrative.
“It was years ago, around 1800 Miss Emily, when the original land owner arrived on the Island with settlers from Norway. He’d claimed five hundred acres on this southern point of the Island for himself. He became wealthy in cattle, wheat, timber and cheese. As his family grew and were educated on the Mainland, they moved, one by one, off Island. They were a wealthy, hard-working lot, but needed less and less of the acreage they owned. Much of the original plot was donated to the Town throughout the years. Some sections were sold.
“It got down to the last hundred acres when Colin Jorgenson bought the property, around 1890 or 1900. I am not exactly sure. The main house was much smaller and less grand than it is now, for sure.
“Now, Colin was a Maritime Captain and often he’d be gone for months at a time. He sailed the Great Lakes several times a year with supplies, spices, fancy goods and ‘fortunes of bounty’. That’s what they called it then. It was for sale to rich settlers throughout the Great Lakes. He’d earned all his wealth in trading by the turn of the century. He came and went for several years until, in his mid-thirties, he met and married a much younger woman, Amalya, and came back to the Island with her.”
Kirby sat back, drained his beer and continued. “The property was called Mariner’s Cove then. He spent two years with Island tradesmen rebuilding this house for his wife. To honor her, and before his return to the water, he commissioned a maritime woodcarver to create the figurehead of Amalya you saw yesterday on the tree marking the entrance.
He had the figure of Amalya mounted on the bow of his ship and apparently felt she was always with him in his travels. She died one summer, pregnant with their first child, shortly after his returning from his last trip of the season. He shut himself away in this house—a broken man, left forlorn and alone, to die years later of a broken heart as a recluse. It’s said he returns night after night trying to find his Amalya, his beloved.”
“But that’s just old folklore, Miss Emily, there’s nothing to it but made up stories from the past by gossips and romantics. This place has never been haunted—no one has ever said it was, anyway. Even though he was long dead, this property was held in Old Colin’s estate until your uncle bought it around 1955, I think. I suppose there is more you can find out at the Archives office in the Island library at the town offices, if you want. That’s about all I know and it ain’t much.”
Refusing a second beer, Kirby was off to finish his chores. “Thank you, Miss Emily,” Kirby said as he stood to leave.
Emily walked him to the door with Barkley in tow.
“Oh, there is one more thing” he added. “There is supposed to be a crypt on the property somewhere. I heard tell that Old Colin buried his Amalya in there and when he was dying, he crawled into it to die on her casket. Creepy, but no one’s ever found it to my knowledge—and between me and my dad, we’ve covered this property as caretakers for over fifty years.”
Emily extended her hand in gratitude for the information and company. “Thank you, Kirby. All of that is so very interesting. He must have been deeply in love with Amalya.”
Kirby, a middle-aged man, stood and shook Emily’s hand. He turned to leave, stopped and dropped his head as he hesitated at the bottom of the steps. A simple country man, this time was no different.
“Miss Emily…” He looked up at her rather sheepishly, and stuttered slightly, “Forgive me, Miss Emily, if I offend you. I have been a bachelor all my life and never had a way with women or much of a need for them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like ‘em well enough, but I never was able to pick the right words in their presence. If…if you don’t mind my saying…you look an awful lot like those paintings in the house of Miss Amalya.”
“Oh my word, Kirby, how you flatter me! It is purely a coincidence, I assure you.” Emily smiled, as she dismissed the compliment and waved good-bye at Kirby. As he left, she thought about the love shared between these two remarkable people, Colin and Amalya. Amalya and Colin.
She had forgotten to ask what became of the baby…

                                  Author Profile:

Muffy, author of erotic, romantic stories about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in San Antonio, Texas, to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. She adored her older brothers, following them everywhere and was surrounded by love, stimulation, and pets. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. The family lived in most points between Alaska and France. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and came of age in France.
Returning from France with her family, Muffy finished high school in Northern California and attended the University of California, Davis, and majored in Business Management. Muffy entered the work force, independent with a fierce work ethic reaching the pinnacle of her success when, at 36, she became the Mid-West Regional Director in the Real Estate and Construction Division for IBM and retired at 39. She and her husband moved to a small Island in northern Wisconsin where they owned a historic tavern, restaurant and resort business which they since have sold. They now live a charmed life by the water in SW Florida. Muffy pretends to be a serious real estate business person but, in real life, indulges her private interest in writing sexy short stories and sensual literotica.  ~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion is her fondest belief.