Sunday, 17 August 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #78

            Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am continuing with eight from my new release, 'Fevered Kisses' an anthology of lust. This week I am continuing with the second story 'Too Darn Hot' carrying on from where we left off last time:

                                                       MY EIGHT:
Instead he lowered his eyes from Miranda’s to gaze at the soft bob of her small, pert breasts sitting level with the water line.
“You swim beautifully.” he managed.
Miranda smiled briefly before turning to swim back the way she had come, away from Jamie. Suddenly bereft and not wanting her vision to fade from his eyes Jamie pursued her, soon catching up with his much stronger strokes.
As they reached the shallower end of the pool Miranda turned suddenly, putting her arms behind her back and fixing Jamie with an enticing stare.

He hesitated, suddenly cautious and trailed careful eyes over her body above and below the water. The pout, the breasts pushed outwards towards him, the way her legs parted slightly when he stared at them and the slight tremble across her skin barely visible to all but the most attentive eye. He couldn’t be mistaken could he?


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  1. Probably not. Pool fun ahead! Great 8 as usual

  2. HOT in the cool pool. Love this snippet.

  3. I doubt he is mistaken. Miranda manages to convey quite a bit without saying a word

  4. very steamy 8. Love the sexual tension that is building between those two.

  5. Oh, my, my, my. This is absolutely delicious! Love the way you describe her visceral response to him and his pursuit of her. Fabulous work!

  6. Woo hoo. I'm too young for this stuff! I love the tease.

  7. Wow, if he's reading the signs wrong, then we all probably are LOL. Interesting excerpt there, poor Jamie seems out of his depth, if you'll pardon my little joke.

  8. Whew! Hot stuff. Nope, he's not mistaken. At least, I sure hope he isn't.

  9. Nope, he's probably right. Hot 8 ;)

  10. I don't think he's mistaken, either. But he could always try asking!

  11. That's so sweet that he worries he might be mistaken. I love that.

  12. I sincerely, doubt he is. But I love that he wants to make sure!

    Very steamy snippet, Gemma! :)

  13. He couldn't be that stupid, could he? lol

  14. Steamy;). Love how he worries.

  15. Great snippet and very alluring.

  16. Nah...I don't think he's mistaken. :-) great visual detail, Gemma!