Sunday, 27 April 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #66


Hi and welcome to this week's Eight sentences. Today I am continuing with eight from my new release, 'Fevered Kisses' an anthology of lust. I'm going to continue with the first story 'Between the Pages' starting where I left off last week, I have changed the punctuation slightly to fit the 8 sentence rule:

                                                           MY EIGHT:

I was safely on the train before I looked at it again, peering at it furtively and partly covering it with my hands. The comments were short and to the point, all of them intimate. I flicked through to the back of the book where several of the men had been fortunate enough to be given whole paragraphs on their performances, I started to read:
John was hesitant at first and I wasn't sure he would do what I asked. We chose a table set apart from everyone else and where the tablecloth was long enough to hide him. We waited until we’d ordered our meal then he slipped to the floor. His hands lifted my skirt and played with my stocking tops. He was a little rushed and I was disappointed that he lowered his head so quickly to brush his lips against my naked sex…
My eyes grew wide and I glanced nervously around the carriage, everyone had their heads stuck into newspapers not paying any attention to me at all, I felt a flush of excitement as I read on.

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 Six sizzling stories in an anthology of lust from the pen of Gemma Parkes:
·        A notebook carelessly left behind reveals secret liaisons of a most intimate nature.
·        An insatiable woman bites off far more than she can chew when four is certainly not a crowd.
·        Sometimes life is just too darn hot but could cooling down heat things up further?
·        Fevered kisses lead to daring thrills for one hungry couple.
Also, what happens when erotic fantasies occupy too much of your time? Lay back and lose yourself in the sensual mind of one of England’s most imaginative storytellers. Adults only.



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  1. Nice snippet. I didn't even notice the creative punctuation. Good luck with the anthology.

  2. So visual I felt the heat rising and it wasn't from Sunday coffee. Awesome snippet. Good luck with the anthology!

  3. Whoa. Dinner and. . .call it dessert. Fun and hot.

  4. My my, what is this girl reading from?

  5. I am intrigued that she is reading this on a carriage, which to me, means historical. I can picture her blushing as she reads the book.

  6. Fun excerpt, loved the way she checked to make sure no one was paying attention to her, before going right back to reading LOL. Excellent snippet!

  7. If someone looked over her shoulder, they'd get quite a surprise. Not sure I'd read something like that in public!

  8. Love the way she checked to be sure no one was looking. I would have done the same!

  9. Very titillating. Great 8.

  10. Vivid writing, Gemma--and very real. I love the premise of this story. I'd be reading that dang book,too! Her reactions are too funny.