Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tantalising Tuesday

Hello Everyone and welcome to my first Tantalising Tuesday post of 2014. Each week a group of authors choose an individual photograph and write about it using 200 words. Below is mine, enjoy!:


                          ( 'Phonebox In The Snow' by Graeme Weatherston http://www.freedigitalphotos.net)

I hadn’t even noticed the telephone box on the corner of Havisham road, until it started ringing. I nearly ignored its shrill sound interrupting my thoughts as I shuffled by with wet snow soaking my suede boots. Something made me stop. With a sigh I pulled at the door, kicking away the small drifts from the bottom.
“Hello?” I held the receiver away from my mouth as I spoke.
It was a man’s voice.
“Could you just see if my wallet is on the floor in there?”
In the corner of the wet floor, half hidden by a chocolate wrapper there was something black. I reached down to pick it up.
“Yes!” I exclaimed, “I think I have it here!”
“Brilliant!” he replied, “Could you bring it to me?”
“I’m in the coffee shop, just over the road.”
Puzzled I replaced the receiver and went outside. Waving at me from the window of ‘Sadie’s’ cafĂ© was someone I really wanted to know. He grinned as he stood to greet me, ignoring my shocked face.
“I’ve seen you walk past here every day.” he said.
Running my eyes across his handsome face and mischievous smile I had thoughts that would melt the snow.


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  1. Great tease Gemma would love to read a lot more of this

  2. Wicked thoughts Gemma I assume. Tell us more. Love your teaser

  3. Oh, what a fabulous way to meet. Please write more of this.

  4. Just great, Gemma! I loved how you did this. I loved the short, teasing commend, "I've seen you walk past here every day." I'm getting some snow melting thoughts as well.

  5. I luvd it. So sweet and light..I could feel her shock...thank you for sharing this light hearted moment of first meetings... ;-)

  6. This was so very clever, Gemma. Wouldn't we all enjoy such a romantic way for a man to meet us? So deliberate, so contrived, so dramatic a complete "all in" gamble. Melting into his arms seems quite a destiny of romantic proportions. Well crafted, beautifully written and sublime. xo

  7. OH! I liked this...very, very clever!

  8. Playful, mischievous, and thoroughly enjoyable! Great tease!

  9. I'm grueling with desire at this man's mischievousness. This is a hot romantic fantasy. Is this something you have ore wanted to experience?

  10. A snow-meltingly romantic teaser, Gemma. If we'd actually had any snow here in the south of England, it'd be melting now. Great work ;)

  11. A great piece there.