Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday Tasters

 Hi and welcome to this week's taster. Each week a group of authors, including myself, will share with you a sample from one of our stories. My excerpt today is taken from my novella 'A Wicked Game' enjoy:

The drive to Peter’s house was not an easy one. He hadn’t planned on ever taking Lucinda there. This was against the rules, risky to both his relationship with Amy and his career. He sighed as he stared blankly at the familiar road ahead. What choice did he have? The office wasn’t suitable for what he was trying to achieve and he was damned if he would pay for a hotel room. He glanced across at Lucinda sitting excitedly in the passenger seat of his plush BMW. He knew she was hyped up, so was he, but at the back of his mind the doubts persisted. Lucinda must not be allowed to call the shots, he knew that. But somehow these sessions with her were no longer about keeping the girl quiet. He smiled as he thought about the excitement she was stirring in his body, passion he had almost forgotten. He realised with grudging acceptance that these few stolen encounters were becoming too important to him. He wanted this as much as Lucinda, he longed to tease her until she broke before him. He knew he could do it too. Lucinda was so naïve, so inexperienced, whereas Peter had years of seduction behind him, years of tantric experience at the hands of an older woman when he was in his early twenties. Admittedly he was rusty; Amy wasn’t too willing to experiment. This was Peter’s chance to prove to himself that he still had it in him and he relished the opportunity to make Lucinda beg.
Peter glanced up at his house anxiously as he drove slowly up the long drive hidden from the neighbours view by tall shrubbery. Amy wouldn’t be here, she didn’t live with him and she wasn’t one for surprises. Even so, it felt strange bringing Lucinda here, devious and unsettling.
But so very exciting.

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A clandestine encounter between lecturers at Keywood upper college campus is witnessed by second year psychology student Lucinda White. Determined to make the most of this opportunity Lucinda embarks on a little blackmail, convincing senior lecturer Mr. Peter Caine that she will keep quiet about her discovery in exchange for a series of after college tuition.
Peter, bemused and flattered by the attention she pays him and worried about the power she holds over him, then embarks on a dangerous liaison with Lucinda. Peter finds himself drawn to the student as she teases and entices him, playing games with his desire.
As their illicit relationship deepens however, Peter’s long time girlfriend and fellow lecturer, Miss. Amy Price becomes increasingly suspicious. Annoyed by the attention her partner is paying to Lucinda, Amy becomes determined to uncover the truth. Peter and Amy’s world is turned upside down as Lucinda’s demands increase in their intensity. But what does Lucinda really want? Is there more to this enigmatic girl than meets the eye?

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  1. Looks like a great read Gemma. Welcome back to Thursday Tasters.

  2. I'm wondering why he is clinging to his relationship with Amy. She doesn't seem to satisfy him at all. Is there something more to it than meet the eyes? Lucinda sounds like fun.

  3. Great to have you back Gemma. A fab taster, leaving me intrigued. I just have to read the whole book

  4. Great to have you back Gemma. A fab taster, leaving me intrigued. I just have to read the whole book

  5. It's definitely a worthy read. I have the book, and dubbed one of my favorites, Gemma.

  6. Awe, a cheating man with frivolous schemes to seduce another woman. You have arranged the appetizer for a meal he might be foolish enough to pursue. I suspect Lucinda is smarter than she appears to him. And Amy no doubt will become suspicious with time. A great intro to what is happening next.