Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thursday Taster #8

Hi and welcome to this week's Thursday Taster!  I am continuing with an excerpt from the third story 'Insatiable' in my new anthology 'Fevered Kisses':

My Excerpt:

Across the other side of town Amber entered a busy night club feasting on the hungry stares that followed her everywhere. She was on fire; unsatisfied from her too brief encounter she immediately began to scan the room for a possible lover.
As she sipped the cold white wine she had just bought, her eyes fell on a man dancing with two women. He was an accomplished mover and Amber watched as he gyrated his body this way and that, in perfect time to the pulsating beat.
Amber’s skin prickled excitedly as she observed him, each careful rotation of hips made her heart quicken and a deep longing stirred in her core. She wanted him, really wanted him. All her desire became focussed on this young man and the way he moved his lithe body in accomplished rhythm.
Another man approached offering her a drink which she politely refused. Then another tried his hand, she told him that she was waiting for someone. Slowly Amber made her way to the edge of the dance floor.
The dancer was around 26 years old. He had fine black hair and the tanned features of Latin origin. He was tall and slim with long legs encased in fitted black trousers. His shirt was pure white with short sleeves; the top two buttons were undone exposing sparse wisps of jet black hair. His eyes were bright with deep brown centres and his lips were full.
Amber leaned over the bar that surrounded the dance floor; everyone was noticing her except the dancer. True he had two very pretty girls dancing with him, but that wouldn’t normally stop the men around Amber from sneaking furtive and appreciative glances. Amber leaned further over, just enough for her breasts to spill teasingly above the tight green dress she had on. She was close enough to see the beads of sweat forming above his eyebrows. Amber could feel other men around her growing restless, she was standing alone and she knew that would be torture for many of them. Usually this would fill her with intense feelings of sexual power, but not tonight.
The track changed and the man stopped dancing. The girls remained on the dance floor so Amber seized her chance. She followed him to the bar, squeezing through the crowds and ignoring the stray hands that couldn’t resist a slight, ‘accidental’ brush of her pert rear through the dress. When she was level she leaned against him, apologising innocently for her ‘stumble’ when he looked up.
For a moment Amber thought that he was going to glance away, but he stopped, probably trapped by her eyes and the deep longing behind them. He smiled and Amber felt triumphant.
“Can l buy you a drink?” he asked her.
Amber nodded.
They made their way back through the crowd to drink in a relatively quiet area.
“My name’s Philippe,” he told her, “I’m French.”
For the next 20 minutes Amber listened attentively to Philippe’s broken English. The heavenly accent smoothed over her skin and made her ache with desire. However, just as things seemed to be going her way and she was sure she had Philippe’s full attention; the two girls from the dance floor joined them.
“Hi I’m Colette and this is Marie.” One of them said.
Amber didn’t care who they were, she just wanted them to leave. Her body was anxious now, she desperately needed relief.
But to Amber’s annoyance the three of them started talking excitedly in French, they were throwing glances towards Amber and she was sure that they were discussing her. One of the girls leaned forward,
“You are very pretty.” She said smiling.
“Thank you.” said Amber flatly.

“You want to come with us?” asked Philippe.

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  1. I have a feeling they were not talking about her in a bad way...I see a sexy foursome about to happen. :)

  2. I love this line, "trapped by her eyes and the deep longing behind them." Who wouldn't be? I love a lustful, strong heroine, demanding of her due, impatient, focused to get it. Sexual role models. Men have had them forever. I love her spirit and character. Very sexy Taster. Bet she is gonna get soma that too! xo

  3. I'm pretty sure she does. Great piece.

  4. I wonder if she's up for the ménage I foresee

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  6. Sexual tension is building into something hot hot. I love this taster

  7. hahaha I like to see her frustrated. What a change! Only good thing can come out of it! I wonder why she was so patient with him and didn't kidnap him already.